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Aubrey Marcus was born on February 28, 1981, in Santa Monica, California. He is best known as the founder and former CEO of Onnit, a lifestyle and fitness brand offering supplements, foods, and fitness equipment. Beyond his entrepreneurial ventures, Aubrey is known for as the host of the Aubrey Marcus Podcast, where he discusses topics ranging from health and spirituality to relationships and business.


A proponent of alternative health practices such as meditation, yoga, and plant medicine, Aubrey has authored two books: “Own the Day, Own Your Life” and “Lifestyle Guide for the Modern Human.” He is also actively involved in philanthropic endeavors, including the Aubrey Marcus Foundation, which supports research on psychedelic-assisted therapy.


Aubrey Marcus Wiki

Name Aubrey Marcus
Age 41
Occupation Entrepreneur, Author, Podcaster
DOB February 28, 1981
Gender Male
Star Sign Pisces
Ethnicity White
Country United States
Nationality American


Aubrey Marcus Measurements

Height Not Available
Weight Not Available
Hair Color Not Available
Eye Color Not Available


Aubrey Marcus Life

Aubrey Marcus’s life is characterized by his entrepreneurial spirit, intellectual curiosity, and passion for holistic wellness. Despite facing controversy and criticism, particularly regarding the scientific validity of some of his health claims, Aubrey has established himself as a thought leader in the fields of health and personal development.


Marriage to Vylana Marcus:

Aubrey Marcus shares a deeply fulfilling relationship with his wife, Vylana Marcus. Their love story began in 2013 when they started dating openly, eventually tying the knot in 2014. Despite the challenges they’ve faced, including Aubrey’s previous relationship with Whitney Miller, the couple’s bond has only strengthened over time.


Family Background:

Aubrey Marcus was raised by his parents, Michael P. Marcus and Kathleen Harter, alongside his brother Will. His father, Michael, was a legendary trader renowned for his exceptional success in the financial markets, while his mother, Kathleen, was a distinguished tennis player. Their influence has undoubtedly shaped Aubrey’s outlook on life and success.


Aubrey Marcus Education

Details about Aubrey Marcus’s education are not readily available. However, his journey into the world of health and wellness began after completing his schooling. He embarked on a career path focused on promoting holistic well-being, eventually founding Onnit and becoming a prominent figure in the industry.


Aubrey Marcus Net Worth

While specific details about Aubrey Marcus’s net worth are undisclosed, his success as an entrepreneur, author, and podcaster suggests that he has amassed considerable wealth. With ventures like Onnit, bestselling books, and a popular podcast, Aubrey Marcus likely enjoys substantial financial stability and success.


Aubrey Marcus Facts

  • Aubrey Marcus is known for his advocacy of alternative health practices such as meditation, yoga, and plant medicine.
  • He has authored two bestselling books: “Own the Day, Own Your Life” and “Lifestyle Guide for the Modern Human.”
  • Aubrey Marcus is actively involved in philanthropy, supporting research on psychedelic-assisted therapy through the Aubrey Marcus Foundation.
  • Despite facing criticism, Aubrey Marcus continues to inspire millions with his podcasts, books, and entrepreneurial ventures.


Aubrey Marcus FAQs

1. Is Aubrey Marcus married?
Yes, Aubrey Marcus is happily married to his wife, Vylana Marcus.

2. How old is Aubrey Marcus?
Aubrey Marcus is 41 years old as of 2023, born on February 28, 1981.

3. What is Aubrey Marcus’s occupation?
Aubrey Marcus is an entrepreneur, author, and podcaster.

4. What are Aubrey Marcus’s main interests?
Aubrey Marcus is passionate about holistic wellness, spirituality, and personal development.

5. Does Aubrey Marcus have any children?
As of now, Aubrey Marcus and Vylana Marcus do not have children.

6. What is Aubrey Marcus’s podcast about?
Aubrey Marcus’s podcast covers a wide range of topics, including health, spirituality, relationships, and business.

7. What is Aubrey Marcus’s net worth?
While specific details are undisclosed, Aubrey Marcus has achieved significant success as an entrepreneur, author, and podcaster.


My Conclusive View

Aubrey Marcus and his wife, Vylana Marcus, have forged a bond that transcends conventional notions of love and partnership. With their enduring commitment to each other and their shared journey through life, they serve as an inspiration to many, embodying the power of love, resilience, and mutual support.