Ayesha Singh Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts

Ayesha Singh Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts



People all over the world know Ayesha Singh as the actress who played Sai Joshi in the hit TV show “Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein.” Ayesha’s life is an amazing story of change. It starts with her job as a lawyer and ends with her success as an actress and model in the movie business. This essay is about a very interesting person; we will talk about their life story, job, and some interesting facts about them.


Who is Ayesha Singh?

And even though she was born and raised in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, Ayesha Singh made the brave decision to become an actress instead of becoming a lawyer. Before she became an actress full-time, she showed how versatile she was in shows like “Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost” and “Doli Armaano Ki.” At this point in her life, everything changed. People are really into Ayesha because of her charm and talent, which has made her a growing star in the entertainment business.


Ayesha Singh Wiki & Bio

Let’s take a closer look at Ayesha Singh’s background through a detailed table:

Name Age Occupation DOB Gender Star Sign Ethnicity Country
Ayesha Singh 23-26 (approx.) Actress, Model, Lawyer June 19 Female Gemini Indian India


Ayesha’s Measurements

Discover the physical attributes that contribute to Ayesha’s charismatic presence:

Height Weight Hair Color Eye Color
5′ 7″ 52 kg Dark Brown Black


Ayesha’s Life

It’s interesting to read about Ayesha’s life, which is full of love and support from her family. But she did show her mother a touching picture of her childhood, even though she wouldn’t say anything about her parents. St. Patrick’s School and Junior College in Agra was the last school she attended. After that, she went to SNDT University Law College in Mumbai to learn law.

Parents Spouse Children
Rajesh Singh (Father), Mother (Homemaker) Not Disclosed Not Disclosed


Ayesha’s Education

To get more schooling, Ayesha went to the SNDT University Law College in Mumbai, which is on the Juhu Campus. She chose to become an actress even though she was a qualified lawyer. This choice has had a big and long-lasting effect on her working life.

University College School
SNDT University Law College, Mumbai St. Patrick’s School, Agra


Ayesha’s Net Worth

There were problems for Ayesha Singh when she decided to become an actress, but she didn’t give up and in the end, it paid off. Her daily pay from a TV show is between 20,000 and 30,000 rupees. As of 2021, her net worth is thought to be between 1 and 2 crores of Indian rupees.

Net Worth Annual Salary Source of Income
INR 1-2 crores Television Shows


Ayesha’s Facts

Uncover interesting facts about Ayesha Singh:

  • Ayesha is not only an actress but also an exceptional cook, often sharing her culinary skills during quarantine.
  • She shares a strong bond with her niece and nephew, evident in heartwarming pictures on her social media.
  • Ayesha’s diverse talents include singing while playing the guitar, showcasing her love for music.
  • Her favorite sweet is Kaju Barfi, and she is an avid tea enthusiast.
  • Ayesha draws inspiration from the life of Atal Bihari Vajpayee and cherishes her time in her hometown, Agra.
  • She attended Jashn-e-qalam, showcasing her storytelling talent, and is committed to fitness while being a self-proclaimed foodie.


Ayesha’s FAQs

Is Ayesha Singh active on social media?

Yes, she can be found on Instagram with the handle @ayesha.singh19.

What is Ayesha’s favorite sweet?

Ayesha’s favorite sweet is Kaju Barfi.

Did Ayesha Singh receive any awards for her acting debut?

Yes, she received the Golden Petal Award for Best Actor Debut – Female.

What is Ayesha’s educational background?

Ayesha pursued law at SNDT University Law College, Juhu Campus, Mumbai.

Is Ayesha Singh in a relationship?

While she hasn’t officially confirmed it, pictures on her Instagram suggest a close relationship with Paras Babbar, an aspiring actor and model.


In closing, Ayesha Singh’s journey shows how important it is to follow your interest and have the support of your family forever. Ayesha has always amazed people with her skill and beauty, from her early years studying in Agra to her success on TV and in Bollywood.