Becki Tilley Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts

Becki Tilley Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts



Rebecca Falwell, whose married name is Jerry Falwell Jr., is a famous speaker and past head of Liberty University. Her name is Becki Tilley, but people also call her Becki Falwell. She is well known for being married to Jerry Falwell Jr. People are very interested in Becki, who was born in Winston Salem, North Carolina, in 1965. This is because she has been very vocal in her support of Donald Trump, who was recently chosen President of the United States.


Becki Tilley Wiki

Name Becki Tilley
Age 56
Occupation Social Worker and Activist
DOB 1965
Gender Female
Ethnicity White-Caucasian
Country United States


Becki Tilley Measurements

Height 5′ 5″
Weight 59 Kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black


Becki Tilley Life

Becki Tilley and her husband, Jerry Falwell Jr., have had a lot going on in their lives together their whole lives. They have been married for a long time and have been involved in many issues, mostly ones that have to do with their support for Donald Trump and their involvement with Liberty University. In 1987, the couple got their marriage license.


Becki Tilley Education

While Becki Tilley was in school, she went to the University of Virginia and got both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees there. It’s possible that her schooling played a big role in how she became a social worker and campaigner.


Becki Tilley Net Worth

Becki Tilley has built up a net worth of about $1.5 million through the different things she has done. This is despite the criticism that has surrounded her. She mostly makes money from the business projects she works on and the money she gets from her job as a social worker.


Becki Tilley Facts

  • Becki Tilley has been actively involved in public events alongside her husband, Jerry Falwell Jr.
  • She has a pet dog and enjoys spending her free time with her furry companion.
  • Becki Tilley played a significant role in establishing Liberty University as one of the most conservative institutions in the USA.
  • Despite her controversies, Becki remains a prominent figure in her community and continues to advocate for causes she believes in.


Becki Tilley FAQs

What is Becki Tilley’s age?

Becki Tilley is currently 56 years old.

Where was Becki Tilley born?

Becki Tilley was born in Winston Salem, North Carolina, USA.

What is Becki Tilley’s occupation?

Becki Tilley is a social worker and activist.

Who is Becki Tilley married to?

Becki Tilley is married to Jerry Falwell Jr., a pastor and former president of Liberty University.

How many children does Becki Tilley have?

Becki Tilley has three children: two sons, Charles Wesley and Jerry “Trey” Falwell III, and a daughter, Caroline Grace.

What is Becki Tilley’s net worth?

Becki Tilley’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million.

What controversies has Becki Tilley been involved in?

Becki Tilley has faced backlash for her support of Donald Trump and her involvement in Liberty University affairs, including allegations of inappropriate relationships.

Where does Becki Tilley currently reside?

Becki Tilley currently resides in Bedford County, VA, USA.

What are Becki Tilley’s hobbies?

Becki Tilley enjoys traveling, cooking, shopping, and watching films in her leisure time.

Is Becki Tilley involved in any charitable activities?

Becki Tilley’s involvement in charitable activities is not well-documented, but her work as a social worker likely involves helping those in need.