Derek Watts Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts

Derek Watts Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts



Derek Watts was born in Hillbrow, Johannesburg, Transvaal, Province of South Africa, in the Union of South Africa, on August 22, 1948. He moved to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, when he was five years old, and spent the rest of his formative years there. Watts found early on that he was very interested in the media, which is what led him to get a degree in writing from Rhodes University. For more than thirty years, this person had a successful career built on the intellectual groundwork they laid.


Derek Watts Wiki

Name Derek Watts
Age 75
Occupation Journalist, TV Presenter, Podcaster
DOB 22 August 1948
Gender Male
Star Sign Leo
Ethnicity Not specified
Country South Africa

Derek Watts Measurements

Height Not specified
Weight Not specified
Hair Color Not specified
Eye Color Not specified

Derek Watts Life

When Derek Watts joined the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) at the start of the 1980s, it was the start of his career as a writer. Because he bravely reported the news during the rough apartheid era, he earned both respect and love. However, it was his job as host of Carte Blanche that made him famous across the country and around the world. Since its start in 1988, Carte Blanche has been a great example of investigative journalism. Watts’s commitment to finding wrongdoing, exposing injustices, and giving people a voice who have been silent was clear.


Notable Carte Blanche Stories:

  • Land grabs and clashes in Zimbabwe
  • Primate hunters in Cameroon
  • Gorillas in Rwanda
  • The Steinhoff scandal
  • The COVID-19 pandemic
  • Gambling sponsorships in cricket
  • Nuclear fusion experiment in South Korea

Derek Watts’ journalistic style was characterized by meticulous research, insightful interviews, and a commitment to uncovering the truth. His warmth and sense of humor endeared him to viewers and interviewees alike.


Derek Watts Education

Derek Watts’ educational journey led him to Rhodes University, where he earned a degree in journalism. This academic background laid the foundation for his impactful career in the world of media.


Derek Watts Net Worth

Derek Watts won many awards and honors over the course of his work, such as several Vodacom Journalist of the Year awards and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Press Club. A lot of people praised him for the things he did correctly. Besides his work for Carte Blanche, he has also made important contributions to many other areas, such as car writing and podcasts, which have helped him become well-known.

Net Worth Not specified
Annual Salary Not specified
Source of Income Journalism, TV, Podcasting

Derek Watts Facts

  1. Watts moved to Zimbabwe at the age of five due to his father’s work as a railway engineer.
  2. He studied journalism and English at Rhodes University.
  3. Derek Watts began his career as a radio journalist in the 1970s, covering politics, sports, entertainment, and human interest stories.
  4. He hosted a podcast, Watts Involved, where he shared insights on various topics.
  5. Watts was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2022, which later spread to his lungs.
  6. Despite health challenges, he continued working for Carte Blanche until his retirement in July 2023.
  7. Derek Watts passed away on 22 August 2023, his 75th birthday, after battling cancer.


Derek Watts FAQs

Q: When was Derek Watts born?

A: Derek Watts was born on 22 August 1948.

Q: What was the cause of Derek Watts’ death?

A: Derek Watts passed away on 22 August 2023 due to cancer.

Q: How long did Derek Watts work for Carte Blanche?

A: Derek Watts dedicated over three decades to Carte Blanche.

Q: Did Derek Watts receive any awards for his journalism?

A: Yes, he received multiple Vodacom Journalist of the Year awards and a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Q: Who are Derek Watts’ surviving family members?

A: Derek Watts is survived by his wife Belinda and his two children, Tyrone and Kirstin.

Q: What was the focus of Carte Blanche, the program Derek Watts hosted?

A: Carte Blanche focused on investigative journalism, covering a wide range of social, political, and environmental issues.

Q: How did Derek Watts impact the journalism community?

A: Derek Watts left a lasting legacy by exposing corruption, injustices, and social issues through his impactful journalism.


In Conclusion

Derek Watts moved a lot of people with his steadfast dedication, bravery, and caring story. People will always remember him because of the impact he had on the field of news. Derek Watts did more than just write stories. He told stories that changed the world. As we remember him, we honor him.