D’Leanne Lewis Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts

D’Leanne Lewis Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts



D’Leanne Lewis is a prominent figure in the real estate industry, gaining recognition for her exceptional work as a seasoned real estate agent. With a career spanning over 25 years, D’Leanne has left an indelible mark on the Sydney property market. Despite the perception of her profession as routine, D’Leanne emphasizes the importance of a disciplined schedule to thrive in her dynamic and challenging line of work.

According to her website, D’Leanne has been actively involved in some of Sydney’s most exclusive property deals, establishing herself as a top performer in the Laing + Simmons Organization. Alongside other distinguished realtors like Moniak Tu, Gavin Rubinstein, and Simon Cohen, D’Leanne is part of the ensemble that showcases Sydney’s most luxurious homes on the reality show “Luxury Postings Sydney.”


Jason Shelter: D’Leanne Lewis’ Husband

Jason Shelter, the former husband of D’Leanne Lewis, is also a realtor. Their love story began when they met during the famous Bronte to Bondi walk at the Richardson and Wrench Elizabeth Cove. Initially hesitant due to their shared professional field, D’Leanne eventually accepted Jason’s proposal, and the couple got engaged two years after their first meeting.

The couple decided to purchase a house together, marking the beginning of their journey. However, in 2017, when Lewis was six months pregnant with their second child, the couple separated. The details of their divorce settlement remain undisclosed. D’Leanne is now a single parent raising her children.


D’Leanne and Jason’s Children

D’Leanne Lewis and Jason Shelter share two children from their past relationship, Nava and Myka. Recently, D’Leanne welcomed her third child, Lyra Yvonne Lewis, posting a heartwarming photo on her Instagram account. At the age of 42, she gave birth to Lyra, conceived through IVF and a sperm donor. While unconventional, D’Leanne expressed that her child might not have a father but would have a strong support system.

In April 2022, she shared a video announcing her pregnancy to her two daughters, illustrating her commitment to expanding her family even further.


D’Leanne’s Family Background

D’Leanne Lewis was born to Rodney Lewis (father) and Yvonne Lewis (mother) in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her family, seeking better opportunities, migrated to Australia in 1982. Initially facing financial constraints, they lived in rented accommodations before settling in Blacktown.

D’Leanne’s family had aspirations to provide a better life for their children. D’Leanne’s sister, Yvette Lewis-Oakes, has also pursued a successful career, previously holding directorial positions at CommSec, CBA’s wealth management division, and CommBank.


D’Leanne’s Net Worth and Achievements

D’Leanne Lewis, the ex-wife of Jason Shelter, reportedly boasts a net worth exceeding $28 million. Her primary sources of income are reality TV and real estate ventures. With a dynamic career, D’Leanne is expected to see a continuous rise in her net worth in the coming years.

Her contributions to the real estate industry have earned her prestigious awards, including three from the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales. Recognized as the National Laing+Simmons Group’s top income producer for over 20 years, D’Leanne has solidified her status as a high achiever in the real estate sector.


D’Leanne’s Journey and Career Highlights

Born in South Africa, D’Leanne Lewis migrated to Australia at the age of ten. Her entry into the real estate world began when she applied for a role as a personal assistant with Liangs+Simmons. Although she initially declined the offer, she later returned and developed significant skills in the real estate industry.

Over the years, D’Leanne has worked tirelessly to become the Head of Laing+Simmons Double Bay, a Licensed Realtor overseeing the sale of some of Sydney’s most sought-after homes. She holds dual directorships in Laing+Simmons National Partnership and Laing+Simmons Double Bay.

The reality show “Luxury Postings Sydney” brought her further recognition as she, alongside partners Steven Zoellner, Danny Doff, and Sally Hampshire, showcased the business and its exclusive properties.


D’Leanne’s Instagram Presence

D’Leanne Lewis actively engages in virtual entertainment on her Instagram account. Her profile showcases travel and luxurious lifestyle content. As of the writing of this article, her verified Instagram account has around 2,000 posts and approximately 28,000 followers.


D’Leanne Lewis FAQs


Who is D’Leanne Lewis’ husband?

D’Leanne Lewis was married to Jason Shelter.


What is D’Leanne Lewis’ net worth?

D’Leanne Lewis reportedly has a net worth of over $28 million.


How many children does D’Leanne Lewis have?

D’Leanne Lewis has three children: Nava, Myka, and Lyra Yvonne.


When did D’Leanne Lewis and Jason Shelter separate?

D’Leanne Lewis and Jason Shelter separated in 2017 when Lewis was six months pregnant with their second child.


What awards has D’Leanne Lewis received in real estate?

D’Leanne Lewis has received three awards from the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales and has been recognized as the top income producer by the National Laing+Simmons Group for over 20 years.


What is the source of D’Leanne Lewis’ income?

D’Leanne Lewis primarily earns from reality TV and her real estate ventures.