Eshan Masih Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts

Eshan Masih Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts



Eshan Masih, an Indian Choreographer, YouTuber, TikTok star, and social media phenomenon, has become a sensation in the digital world. His fame skyrocketed through captivating dance videos on YouTube and TikTok, amassing a massive fan following. With 2.4 Million TikTok followers and 30k YouTube subscribers, Eshan has left an indelible mark in the realm of online entertainment.


Eshan Masih Wiki

Explore the key details of Eshan Masih’s life through the following table:

Details Information
Full Name Eshan Masih
Nick Name Eshan
Date Of Birth December 16, 1989
Home Town Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India
Nationality Indian
College Panjab University
Qualification Graduate
Known For TikTok
Profession Choreographer, TikTok Star & YouTuber
Instagram eshanmasihchrist


Eshan Masih Measurements

Delve into the personal attributes of Eshan Masih in the following table:

Measurements Details
Height Not specified
Weight Not specified
Hair Color Not specified
Eye Color Not specified


Eshan Masih Life

Eshan Masih was born on December 16, 1989, in Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India, into a Christian family. He pursued his schooling in Delhi, shaping his early years. At the age of 31, Eshan has not only become a prominent figure in the digital space but has also showcased his talent on national television, appearing on India’s Got Talent, a show aired on the Colors channel.


Eshan Masih Relationships

Despite his busy career, Eshan Masih has made time for personal relationships. He is currently in a relationship with TikTok star Preeti Chawla, and the duo collaborates on creating engaging TikTok videos together. This adds a personal touch to Eshan’s online presence, connecting with fans on a more intimate level.


Eshan Masih Education

Eshan Masih completed his graduation from Panjab University, showcasing that he values both his passion for dance and his academic pursuits. Striking a balance between education and entertainment, Eshan has carved a niche for himself in the digital landscape.


Eshan Masih Net Worth

As a prominent YouTuber, TikTok star, and choreographer, Eshan Masih has not only gained fame but also financial success. His net worth is a result of various income streams, including YouTube and TikTok earnings, brand collaborations, and appearances. The exact figures are not disclosed, but Eshan’s popularity undoubtedly contributes significantly to his financial well-being.


Eshan Masih Facts

  1. Dance Maestro: Eshan Masih’s claim to fame is his exceptional skills as a choreographer, captivating audiences with his dance performances.
  2. Social Media Star: With a substantial following on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, Eshan has become a social media sensation, engaging fans across platforms.
  3. India’s Got Talent: Eshan showcased his talent on a national platform by appearing on India’s Got Talent, a testament to his recognition in the entertainment industry.
  4. Relationship with Preeti Chawla: The collaboration with Preeti Chawla not only adds an element of romance to Eshan’s online presence but also creates engaging content for their fans.
  5. Educational Pursuits: Despite his success in the entertainment industry, Eshan Masih values education, having completed his graduation from Panjab University.
  6. Balancing Act: Eshan demonstrates a balance between his academic achievements and his flourishing career in dance and digital entertainment.
  7. Diverse Online Presence: From Instagram to TikTok and YouTube, Eshan has diversified his online presence, reaching audiences of all ages with his dynamic content.


Eshan Masih FAQs


Is Eshan Masih married?

No, Eshan Masih is currently unmarried.


Who is Eshan Masih dating?

Eshan Masih is in a relationship with TikTok star Preeti Chawla.


Where did Eshan Masih complete his education?

Eshan Masih graduated from Panjab University.


What is Eshan Masih’s main profession?

Eshan Masih is a choreographer, TikTok star, and YouTuber.


What TV show did Eshan Masih appear on?

Eshan Masih appeared on India’s Got Talent, which aired on the Colors channel.


How many followers does Eshan Masih have on TikTok?

Eshan Masih has 2.4 Million followers on TikTok.


What is the focus of Eshan Masih’s YouTube channel?

Eshan Masih’s YouTube channel features dance videos and other entertaining content.