Gary Busey Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts

Gary Busey Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts



The famous actor Gary Busey was born and grew up in Goose Spring, Texas. His family moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma, when he was in the fourth grade. He moved there with them. He went to Nathan Hale High School for his last few years of high school after finishing junior high school at Bell Junior High School.

After Busey graduated from high school, he went to Coffeyville Junior College for two years. He was originally interested in football, but he was able to get a grant to go to Kansas’s Pittsburg State College rather than football. As Busey went through college at Pittsburg, he realized that playing was something he really loved. This made him decide to make acting his job.

Busey chose to become an actor, even though he was only one unit away from finishing from college. He had a great success after that, and critics praised his work in many movies and TV shows. His choice turned out to be good.


Gary Busey Wiki

Name Age Occupation DOB Gender Star Sign Ethnicity Country
Gary Busey 77 Actor June 29, 1944 Male Cancer Caucasian United States


Gary Busey Measurements

Height Weight Hair Color Eye Color
6’0″ 175 lbs Brown Blue


Gary Busey Life

There have been times in Gary Busey’s life when he did well at work and had problems with his personal life. Even though he was recently involved in a fight at the Beast Lunacy Show in 2022 and was charged with four counts of sexual assault, Busey’s work has been amazing.

The charges are based on something that happened in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, on August 12, 2022. The charges have gotten a lot of attention from the media. That being said, we still don’t know everything about the event or how it affected Busey’s success.

With his health, Gary Busey has had to deal with a lot of problems over the course of his life. He had to stop playing football at Pittsburg State College because he hurt his knee while playing. Following this, in 1988, he was in a motorcycle accident that left him with serious brain damage and a cracked head. Through all of these problems, Busey kept up his acting job and stressed how important safety was, especially wearing helmets when riding motorbikes.

Parent Name Spouse Name Children Name
N/A Judy Helkenberg Jake, Alectra


Gary Busey Education

Busey went to Coffeyville Junior College as part of his schooling. After that, he turned his attention to acting. Because he worked hard at studying theater, he was able to go to Oklahoma State University in Stillwater even though he had to quit football because of a knee injury.

University College School
Oklahoma State University Pittsburg State College Nathan Hale High School


Gary Busey Networth

The great playing career of Gary Busey has brought him a lot of money, even with the recent problems that have been happening with him. In addition to his net worth, his annual pay and his main sources of income all play a role in his total financial situation.

Networth Annual Salary Source of Income
$5 million N/A Acting, Entertainment


Gary Busey Facts

  • Gary Busey was born on June 29, 1944, in Goose Spring, Texas.
  • His early education was completed at Nathan Hale High School after attending Bell Junior High School.
  • Busey’s interest in acting developed during his time at Pittsburg State College, Kansas.
  • Despite being one unit away from graduating, he left college to pursue an acting career.
  • The Cherry Hill incident in 2022 brought legal troubles and significant media attention to Busey.
  • He has been an advocate for motorcycle safety since a life-changing accident in 1988.
  • Gary Busey’s career includes critical acclaim for various film and television roles.


Gary Busey FAQs

Q: What is Gary Busey’s net worth?

A: Gary Busey’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

Q: When was Gary Busey born?

A: Gary Busey was born on June 29, 1944, in Goose Spring, Texas.

Q: What led to Gary Busey’s departure from college?

A: Despite being one unit away from graduating, Gary Busey left college to pursue a career in acting.

Q: How did Gary Busey become interested in acting?

A: Gary Busey developed an interest in acting during his time at Pittsburg State College in Kansas.

Q: What legal issues did Gary Busey face in 2022?

A: In 2022, Gary Busey faced charges related to sexual misconduct during an event in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Q: Who are Gary Busey’s family members?

A: Gary Busey’s spouse is Judy Helkenberg, and he has two children, Jake and Alectra.

Q: What is Gary Busey’s advocacy focus after his motorcycle accident?

A: Gary Busey has been an advocate for motorcycle safety, emphasizing the importance of wearing helmets.