Guy Willison Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts

Guy Willison Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts



Guy Willison, often known as “Slide,” is a renowned motorcycle designer hailing from London. His fame soared through collaborations with Henry Cole, the lead host of The Motorbike Show. Initially, Guy worked as a dispatch technician and tuner before venturing into the motorcycle design realm.


Guy Willison Wiki

Let’s delve into key details about Guy Willison:

Details Information
Name Guy Willison (Slide)
Age Not specified
Occupation Motorcycle Designer, Managing Director
DOB Not specified
Gender Not specified
Star Sign Not specified
Ethnicity Not specified
Country United Kingdom


Guy Willison Life

Guy’s journey into the motorcycle world took a significant turn when he collaborated with Henry Cole to launch Gladstone Motorcycles in 2013. His expertise led him to establish 5Four Motorcycles, creating limited edition bikes. Guy’s notable projects include collaborating with Honda to craft a limited edition Honda CB1100 RS in September 2019 and transforming the Norton Commando into the sought-after Norton Commando 961 Street.


Guy Willison Education

Guy Willison pursued higher studies at Shiplake College, contributing to his skills and knowledge in motorcycle design.


Guy Willison Net Worth

While specific details about Guy Willison’s net worth remain undisclosed, his contributions to the motorcycle industry, especially through 5Four Motorcycles, suggest a successful career.


Guy Willison Facts

Guy, known as “Slide,” is a prominent motorcycle designer and builder, recognized for his work on TV series like The Motorbike Show. Four Motorcycles, Guy’s venture, specializes in building and restoring limited edition bikes, with notable collaborations and media coverage. Despite his achievements, Guy maintains a private personal life, rarely sharing details about his relationships or family on public platforms. Guy Willison is actively involved in the podcast “Theory of Motorcycle Electrics” on his YouTube channel, sharing insights with over 3.44k subscribers.


Guy Willison FAQs


Q: What is Guy Willison’s real name?

A: Guy Willison is often referred to as “Slide.”


Q: What inspired Guy Willison to enter the motorcycle design industry?

A: Guy’s inspiration came from Henry Cole’s Gladstone line of motorcycles.


Q: Is Guy Willison married?

A: Guy Willison has not publicly revealed details about his relationship status or spouse.


Q: What is Guy Willison’s podcast about?

A: Guy hosts a podcast titled “Theory of Motorcycle Electrics,” discussing various techniques for upgrading motorcycles.