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Inga Valentiner is a talented London-based artist who recently returned to the UK after spending several years living in Bali. With a focus on canvas artwork and occasional forays into tattoo design, Valentiner has garnered attention for her creative endeavors. Described as friendly by Grazia magazine, she has made waves with her appearance on the 21st series of E4’s “Made in Chelsea,” further establishing her presence in the public eye.


Inga Valentiner Wiki:

Category Details
Name Inga Valentiner
Age 30 (as of 2022)
Occupation Artist
DOB 1991
Gender Female
Star Sign Not specified
Ethnicity British
Country United Kingdom


Inga Valentiner Measurements:

Measurement Details
Height Not specified
Weight Not specified
Hair Color Not specified
Eye Color Not specified


Inga Valentiner Life:

Inga Valentiner’s life is characterized by her passion for artistic expression. From her early days in London to her recent adventures in Bali, Valentiner has nurtured her creativity and made a name for herself in the art world. Her appearance on “Made in Chelsea” has introduced her to a wider audience, showcasing her talent and personality.


Inga Valentiner Education:

Valentiner completed her schooling at a high school in London, where she likely honed her artistic skills. Beyond her formal education, she has pursued her passion for art independently, developing her unique style and artistic vision.


Inga Valentiner Net Worth:

Details about Inga Valentiner’s net worth are not readily available. However, as an artist with a growing reputation and presence in the media, it can be assumed that she enjoys financial success from her artwork and related endeavors.


Inga Valentiner Facts:

  • Inga Valentiner is known for her canvas artwork and occasional work in tattoo design.
  • She made a notable appearance on the 21st series of E4’s “Made in Chelsea,” gaining recognition for her talent and personality.
  • Valentiner’s age is reported to be around 30 years old as of 2022, although specific details about her birthday are not available.
  • She has a younger sister named Pia Valentiner.
  • Valentiner has kept details about her personal life, including her parents and relationships, relatively private, maintaining a focus on her artistic pursuits.


Inga Valentiner FAQs:

  1. How old is Inga Valentiner?
    • Inga Valentiner is approximately 30 years old as of 2022.
  2. Where is Inga Valentiner from?
    • Inga Valentiner is originally from London, United Kingdom.
  3. What is Inga Valentiner’s occupation?
    • Inga Valentiner is an artist, known for her canvas artwork and occasional work in tattoo design.
  4. Does Inga Valentiner have siblings?
    • Yes, Inga Valentiner has a younger sister named Pia Valentiner.
  5. Is Inga Valentiner married?
    • No, Inga Valentiner is not married. Details about her romantic life are not publicly available.
  6. What is Inga Valentiner’s ethnicity?
    • Inga Valentiner is of British ethnicity.
  7. How did Inga Valentiner gain fame?
    • Inga Valentiner gained recognition through her appearance on the reality TV show “Made in Chelsea,” where she showcased her artistic talent and personality.