Jeff Hephner Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts

Jeff Hephner Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts



He was born in Michigan, USA, on June 22, 1975. He is a famous American actor. His role as Jeff Clarke on the NBC show “Chicago Fire” and its spin-off, “Chicago Med,” started his career and made him famous all over the world. For the first few years of his education, Hephner went to Sand Creek High School. He then got his degree at Michigan’s Calvin College. He changed his major to Ferris State University, though, after two years of school.


Jeff Hephner Wiki

Attribute Details
Name Jeff Hephner
Age 49
Occupation Actor
DOB June 22, 1975
Gender Male
Star Sign Cancer
Ethnicity American
Country United States

Jeff Hephner Measurements

Attribute Details
Height 6’1″
Weight 180 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue

Jeff Hephner Life

His family—his wife Heather and their three kids, Danny, Shea, and T.—is the most important thing in his life. His family is the center of his life. For Jeff, spending quality time with his family is very important, even though he has a lot going on. He does many things with them and celebrates with them.


Jeff Hephner Education

After finishing high school at Sand Creek, Jeff Hephner went to Calvin College and then Ferris State University to continue his education. Through his schooling, he was able to build a strong foundation for his great playing career.


Jeff Hephner Networth

Jeff Hephner has won a lot of awards and fame as an actor, which has helped him build a very large net worth. He has a lot of different ways to make money besides his monthly salary, which is a big part of why he is so successful and financially stable in the entertainment business.


Jeff Hephner Facts

  • Jeff Hephner was listed among TV’s Hottest Men of 2011 by Pal TV.
  • He has appeared in various television shows and movies, including ‘Interstellar’ and ‘Peppermint.’
  • Hephner is currently hosting the ‘Switch’ program on the Game Show Network.
  • He is known for his dedication to family life, often spending leisure time with his partner and children.
  • Jeff Hephner’s children, Shea, Danny, and T, are actively pursuing their education and interests.
  • Hephner’s parents, Tom and Patti Hephner, supported his career choices, encouraging him to pursue acting despite initial aspirations in basketball.
  • Jeff Hephner’s wife, Heather Adams Hephner, is a certified Pilates instructor, known for her dedication to health and wellness.


Jeff Hephner FAQs

Q: When was Jeff Hephner born?

A: Jeff Hephner was born on June 22, 1975.

Q: What is Jeff Hephner’s most notable role?

A: He is best known for his portrayal of Jeff Clarke in the NBC series ‘Chicago Fire.’

Q: How many children does Jeff Hephner have?

A: Jeff Hephner has three children with his partner, Heather Sylvia Adams.

Q: What is Jeff Hephner’s educational background?

A: He attended Sand Creek High School and later pursued higher education at Calvin College and Ferris State University.

Q: What is Jeff Hephner’s net worth?

A: While exact figures may vary, Jeff Hephner has accumulated considerable wealth through his successful acting career.

Q: What is Jeff Hephner’s wife’s profession?

A: Jeff Hephner’s wife, Heather Adams Hephner, is a certified Pilates instructor.

Q: Where does Jeff Hephner currently reside?

A: Jeff Hephner lives in Michigan with his family, where they enjoy spending quality time together.

Q: What are Jeff Hephner’s hobbies outside of acting?

A: Jeff Hephner enjoys spending time with his family, participating in sports, and engaging in leisure activities.