Jenna Ortega Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts

Jenna Ortega Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts



Jenna Ortega is an American actress and social media star who has been able to captivate audiences with her skill and charm. She was born on September 27, 2002, in Coachella Valley, Palm Desert, California. Jenna became famous very quickly after she became famous. Because of her big roles in hit TV shows like “Jane the Virgin” and “Stuck in the Middle,” she has quickly become a well-known name in the entertainment industry. We should learn more about this young star’s personal life and work, so let’s begin.


Jenna Ortega Wiki

Name Jenna Marie Ortega
Age 16
Occupation Actress and Social Media Personality
DOB September 27, 2002
Gender Female
Star Sign Libra
Ethnicity Multiracial
Country United States


Jenna’s Measurements

Height 5 feet 1 inch (151 cm)
Weight 48 kilograms (105 lbs)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown


Jenna’s Life

Jenna Ortega’s upbringing in Coachella Valley was filled with support from her family, especially her mother, Natalie Ortega. With five siblings by her side, Jenna’s multicultural background adds richness to her identity. Her passion for acting blossomed at the tender age of six, leading her on a path to auditions and eventually to the silver screen.


Jenna’s Education

Jenna’s dedication to her craft led her to homeschooling, allowing her the flexibility to pursue her acting career while continuing her studies. While specific details about her formal education remain undisclosed, Jenna’s commitment to learning shines through in her performances on and off-screen.


Jenna’s Net Worth

With numerous acting credits to her name and a burgeoning presence on social media, Jenna Ortega has amassed an estimated net worth of $2 million as of 2018. While her annual income remains under review, her diverse sources of income ensure a stable financial future.


Jenna’s Facts

  • Jenna dislikes exercising, as revealed in one of her Twitter posts.
  • She shares her home with two dogs named Anna and Brooklyn.
  • Jenna’s fashion inspirations include Angelina Jolie, Beyoncé, Selena Gomez, and Lupita Nyong’o.
  • Fluent in Spanish, Jenna’s multicultural upbringing enriches her linguistic abilities.
  • Standing at 5 feet 1 inch tall, Jenna embraces her petite frame with confidence.
  • Jenna’s talent extends beyond acting, as evidenced by her appearances in various TV commercials.


Jenna’s FAQs

Q: What is Jenna Ortega’s date of birth?

A: Jenna Ortega was born on September 27, 2002.


Q: What are Jenna Ortega’s notable TV roles?

A: Jenna Ortega is best known for her roles in “Jane the Virgin” and “Stuck in the Middle.”


Q: How many siblings does Jenna Ortega have?

A: Jenna Ortega has five siblings.


Q: Is Jenna Ortega fluent in Spanish?

A: Yes, Jenna Ortega is fluent in Spanish, influenced by her multicultural heritage.


Q: What is Jenna Ortega’s net worth?

A: Jenna Ortega’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million as of 2018.


Q: Does Jenna Ortega have any pets?

A: Yes, Jenna Ortega has two dogs named Anna and Brooklyn.



In conclusion, Jenna Ortega’s rise to fame showcases her talent, determination, and versatility as an actress and social media personality. With a promising career ahead of her and a dedicated fan base, Jenna continues to inspire audiences worldwide with her captivating performances and positive influence both on and off-screen.