Joaquin Smits Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts

Joaquin Smits Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts



Joaquin Smits was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1983. He is an American actor and star host. He works in the theater business. A lot of people were interested in him because he was the son of the famous actor Jimmy Smits and Barbara Smits. People have always been interested in Joaquin because of his connection to his famous father, even though Joaquin has made a name for himself in the entertainment business.


Joaquin Smits Wiki

Let’s explore Joaquin Smits’ background through a comprehensive table:

Name Joaquin Smits
Age 40 years old
Occupation Entertainer, Celebrity Host, Finance Manager
DOB 1983
Gender Male
Star Sign Not available
Ethnicity Mixed race
Country USA


Joaquin Smits Measurements

Take a glance at Joaquin Smits’ physical attributes in the table below:

Height Not available
Weight Not available
Hair Color Not available
Eye Color Not available


Joaquin Smits Life

Delve into the significant events in Joaquin Smits’ life:

Joaquin and his sister, Taina Smits-Beasley, grew up in New York City, where their parents watched over them. There was also their mom. After his parents got a split in 1987, Joaquin Smits spent more time with his dad, Jimmy Smits. He went to Manhattan Private School for high school and played basketball there, which showed how good he could be as a player.

Parents Jimmy Smits (father), Barbara Smits (mother)
Spouse Not available
Children Not available


Joaquin Smits Education

Uncover details about Joaquin Smits’ educational journey:

Joaquin’s educational background remains somewhat mysterious, but reports suggest he attended Manhattan Private School for high school.

University Not available
College Not available
School Manhattan Private School


Joaquin Smits Net Worth

Explore Joaquin Smits’ financial standing:

While Joaquin’s net worth remains undisclosed, his father, Jimmy Smits, has a net worth of $25 million, earned through his successful acting career.

Net Worth Not available
Annual Salary Not available
Source of Income Various projects in entertainment


Joaquin Smits Facts

Discover interesting facts about Joaquin Smits:

  • Joaquin was born in 1983 in Brooklyn, New York.
  • His father, Jimmy Smits, is a renowned actor known for roles in TV shows and movies.
  • Joaquin excelled in basketball during his high school years.
  • His mother, Barbara, passed away in 2010 due to pneumonia.
  • Joaquin has a reserved personal life, staying away from the virtual entertainment scene.
  • He is a dedicated professional, juggling roles as an entertainer and celebrity host.


Joaquin Smits FAQs

Is Joaquin Smits married?

No information on Joaquin Smits’ marital status is available.

What is Joaquin Smits’ father’s profession?

Jimmy Smits, Joaquin’s father, is a renowned actor with an Emmy Award.

Does Joaquin Smits have children?

Information about Joaquin Smits’ children is not known.

Where did Joaquin Smits go to high school?

Joaquin attended Manhattan Private School for his high school education.

What is Joaquin Smits’ net worth?

Joaquin Smits’ net worth is undisclosed, while his father, Jimmy Smits, has a net worth of $25 million.

Is Joaquin Smits active on social media?

Joaquin maintains a low profile on social media, with a private Instagram account for close friends and family.

How did Joaquin Smits’ mother, Barbara, pass away?

Barbara Smits passed away in 2010 due to pneumonia.

What are Joaquin Smits’ notable projects as an entertainer?

Joaquin Smits has appeared in films like Game Time, Club Life, and Alexander Reese.