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Joel Beeson was an actor and model, best known for his role as “The Hombre Man” on the hit TV series “Friends.” Born on September 13, 1966, in Winston Salem, North Carolina, Joel pursued a career in the entertainment industry, captivating audiences with his talent and charisma. Throughout his career, he appeared in various film and television projects, leaving a mark on the industry with his memorable performances.


Joel Beeson Wiki

Name Joel Beeson
Age 51 (at death)
Birthday September 13
Occupation Actor, Model
DOB September 13, 1966
Gender Male
Star Sign Virgo
Ethnicity Not Available
Country United States


Joel Beeson Measurements

Height Not Available
Weight Not Available
Hair Color Not Available
Eye Color Not Available


Joel Beeson Life

Joel Beeson’s career in the entertainment industry spanned from 1992 to 1995, during which he made significant contributions to film and television. While he had notable roles in projects such as “Death Becomes Her” (1991) and “High Society” (1995), it was his portrayal of “The Hombre Man” on “Friends” that left a lasting impression on audiences worldwide. Despite his short-lived career, Joel’s talent and charm endeared him to fans and colleagues alike.



Joel Beeson was survived by his wife, Beth, and his daughter, Haley Alexis Beeson, following his untimely death on October 18, 2017. His family, though private, cherished his memory and appreciated the impact he had on the entertainment industry.


Joel Beeson Education

Details about Joel Beeson’s education are not readily available. However, his successful career as an actor and model suggests that he may have received training or pursued studies related to the performing arts.


Joel Beeson Net Worth

While specific details about Joel Beeson’s net worth are not disclosed, his contributions to the entertainment industry undoubtedly earned him recognition and financial success. As a talented actor and model, he likely enjoyed lucrative opportunities and endorsements throughout his career.


Joel Beeson Facts

  • Joel Beeson portrayed “The Hombre Man” on the hit TV show “Friends,” captivating audiences with his cowboy attire and charming demeanor.
  • He was diagnosed with Type III Severe Von Willebrand’s disease, a rare blood-clotting disorder, which ultimately led to his passing.
  • Despite his short-lived career, Joel Beeson’s presence is still remembered fondly by fans of “Friends” and colleagues in the entertainment industry.
  • He was survived by his wife, Beth, and daughter, Haley Alexis Beeson, following his demise in 2017.
  • Joel Beeson’s most memorable screen appearance was in 1987 when he appeared as a contestant on “The New Hollywood Squares.”


Joel Beeson FAQs

1. What was Joel Beeson’s most famous role?
Joel Beeson’s most famous role was as “The Hombre Man” on the TV show “Friends.”

2. How did Joel Beeson pass away?
Joel Beeson passed away due to complications from Type III Severe Von Willebrand’s disease.

3. Was Joel Beeson married?
Yes, Joel Beeson was married to his wife, Beth, at the time of his passing.

4. What is Joel Beeson’s daughter’s name?
Joel Beeson’s daughter’s name is Haley Alexis Beeson.

5. Where was Joel Beeson born?
Joel Beeson was born in Winston Salem, North Carolina, United States.

6. What was Joel Beeson’s occupation?
Joel Beeson was an actor and model, known for his work in film and television.

7. What was Joel Beeson’s age at the time of his death?
Joel Beeson was 51 years old at the time of his passing in 2017.


My Conclusive View

Joel Beeson’s portrayal of “The Hombre Man” on “Friends” remains a cherished memory for fans of the show. Despite facing health challenges, his talent and charisma left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. As we remember his contributions, let us pay tribute to his legacy and the joy he brought to audiences worldwide.