Juice Wrld Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts

Juice Wrld Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts



Jarad Anthony Higgins, better known by his stage name Juice Wrld, was born in Chicago, Illinois, on December 2, 1998. He was an American rapper, singer, and rising hip-hop star. For his hit songs, he won awards like the “Top New Artist Award” in 2019. His career in the music business was marked by tremendous achievements. There were many amazing things that he did along the way.


Juice Wrld Wiki

Name Juice WRLD
Age 21 years (as of 2019)
Occupation Singer, Performer, Songwriter
DOB December 2, 1998
Gender Male
Star Sign Sagittarius
Ethnicity American
Country USA

Juice Wrld Measurements

Height 5′ 7″ (170.18 cm)
Weight 165.34 lbs (75 kg)
Hair Color Black & Dark Brown
Eye Color Black

Juice Wrld Life

Juice Wrld, whose stage name was Juice WRLD, died in a terrible accident on December 8. He was only 21 years old. He passed away because of a heart attack. The rapper just turned 21 earlier this month, on December 2. His family, which included his father, mother, sister, and fiancée Ally Lotti, was shocked and shocked when he died.

Since he was born in Chicago, Juice Wrld had problems from a very young age. His parents split up when he was three years old, and his mother raised him and his brother. And even though they were having a rough time, Juice Wrld was always interested in music. They learned to play the piano when they were four years old. His problems with drug abuse, including taking too much of prescription drugs like Xanax and Percocet, shaped his whole life. These problems marked his way.


Juice Wrld Education

Juice Wrld pursued his education at Homewood, Flossmoor High School, showcasing resilience despite his challenging circumstances. His commitment to music and education set the stage for his remarkable journey in the hip-hop industry.


Juice Wrld Net Worth

A lot of money that the late artist had shown what a great success he had lead to. Through his hit songs, live shows, and partnerships, Juice Wrld has built up an impressive net worth of $8.5 million USD as of November 2019. He was one of the youngest rappers in the American music business to make the most money, with an annual salary that went from $500,000 to $700,000.


Juice Wrld Facts

  • Juice Wrld’s first hit song was “All Girls are the Same.”
  • He was a multi-instrumentalist, playing the trumpet, guitar, and piano.
  • The rapper had a deep love for rock music.
  • Juice Wrld gifted his brother a Lamborghini a few months before his untimely demise.
  • He had a passion for dirt bikes and even loved playing various instruments like trumpet, guitar, and piano.


Juice Wrld FAQs

Q: What was Juice Wrld’s cause of death?

A: Juice Wrld died of a cardiac arrest at the age of 21.

Q: Who is Juice Wrld’s girlfriend?

A: Juice Wrld was in a relationship with Ally Lotti, an Instagram star.

Q: How many siblings did Juice Wrld have?

A: Juice Wrld had one brother.

Q: What was Juice Wrld’s net worth at the time of his death?

A: Juice Wrld’s net worth was approximately $8.5 million USD.

Q: Where did Juice Wrld go to school?

A: Juice Wrld attended Homewood, Flossmoor High School.

Q: What instruments could Juice Wrld play?

A: Juice Wrld was skilled in playing the trumpet, guitar, and piano.

Q: Did Juice Wrld have any children?

A: No, Juice Wrld did not have any children.

Q: What was Juice Wrld’s most-viewed song on YouTube?

A: Juice Wrld’s song “Lucid Dreams (2018)” has around 390 million views on YouTube.



Even though he didn’t have long to live, the artist Juice Wrld left an indelible mark on the music business. During his journey, which had both hard times and good times, he showed how determined he was and how much he loved music. The artist made important additions to hip-hop, which means that his work will live on.