Keshi Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts

Keshi Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts



The American singer and music artist Keshi, whose real name is Casey Luong, is very well known in the music business. Some of his well-known and loved songs are “2 Soon,” “Bandaids,” “Summer,” “Like I Need You,” “Alright,” “I Swear I Will Never Leave Again,” and “Just Friends.” Keshi also goes by the stage name Keshi. Keshi has a big fan base on Instagram, with more than 362,000 dedicated followers. This is in addition to his singing skills.


Keshi Wiki

Let’s delve into the key details about Keshi through a succinct table:

Attribute Information
Full Name Casey Luong
Age 25
Birthday November 4, 1994
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Singer, Music Producer
Relationship Single
Instagram @keshi


Keshi Measurements

Explore the physical attributes of Keshi through the following table:

Attribute Measurement
Height Not specified
Weight Not specified
Hair Color Not specified
Eye Color Not specified



Keshi Life

Keshi’s real name is Casey Luong, and he was born on November 4, 1994. He spent his childhood in the great city of Houston, Texas, with parents who loved them very much. Keshi has more than one personality, which shows in the many different cultures that make up his background. The Keshi come from Vietnam. The most current information that can be found says that he is 25 years old and that his star sign is Scorpio.

The musical path that Keshi has been on has definitely been an important part of his life, even though details about his schooling are still unknown. Keshi is known for writing songs that are both soulful and evocative. He can capture his fans with a mix of melody and feeling. Even though Keshi is a famous singer, he tends to keep his personal life quiet and doesn’t tell his fans much about his love life.


Keshi Net Worth

The singing that Keshi does has not only brought him fame, but it has also brought him a great deal of financial success. The fact that the artist’s exact net worth has not been disclosed to the public, on the other hand, contributes to the air of mystery that surrounds his wealth. The specific amounts of money he makes from singing are a closely guarded secret, but it is one of his sources of income.


Keshi Facts

  1. Mysterious Persona: Keshi is known for maintaining a mysterious aura, especially when it comes to his personal life, keeping fans intrigued.
  2. Social Media Stardom: Apart from his musical achievements, Keshi has gained substantial popularity on social media platforms, notably Instagram.
  3. Diverse Musical Portfolio: With songs like “2 Soon,” “Bandaids,” and “Just Friends,” Keshi showcases versatility in his musical repertoire.
  4. Vietnamese Heritage: Despite being based in the U.S., Keshi proudly embraces his Vietnamese heritage, adding depth to his identity.
  5. Scorpio Traits: Born under the Scorpio zodiac sign, Keshi’s artistic nature aligns with the passionate and intense characteristics associated with Scorpios.
  6. Houston Roots: Keshi’s formative years in Houston, Texas, contribute to the cultural richness reflected in his music.
  7. Instagram Following: His Instagram following, exceeding 362K, indicates a dedicated fan base that appreciates his artistic expressions.



Keshi FAQs


What is Keshi’s real name?

Keshi’s real name is Casey Luong.


How old is Keshi?

As of the latest information, Keshi is 25 years old.


Where was Keshi born?

Keshi was born in Houston, Texas, United States.


Is Keshi in a relationship?

Currently, Keshi is single, and he has not shared extensive details about his love life.


What are Keshi’s popular songs?

Keshi is known for songs like “2 Soon,” “Bandaids,” “Just Friends,” and more.


What is Keshi’s ethnicity?

Keshi has Vietnamese roots and embraces a mixed identity.


What is Keshi’s Instagram handle?

Keshi’s Instagram handle is @keshi.