Kimberly Hodges Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts

Kimberly Hodges Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts



Dr. Vernard Hodges is a prominent figure in the veterinary world and a beloved television personality. Born on September 3, 1970, in Norwalk, he spent his formative years in Stronghold Valley, Georgia. Dr. Hodges is renowned as an American Veterinary Specialist, a thriving entrepreneur, and a star of reality television hailing from Bonaire, GA.

Dr. Hodges’ early years were spent on a farm surrounded by a myriad of animals, including goats, cattle, dogs, cats, turtles, and more. His deep connection with animals blossomed during this time as he devoted countless hours to their care and well-being.


Dr. Vernard Hodges Wiki

Name Dr. L. Vernard Hodges
Date of Birth September 3, 1970
Age 52 years old
Occupation Veterinary Doctor
Birthplace Norwalk
Marital Status Married
Wife Kimberly Hodges
Children Vernard II
Net Worth $1 Million


Dr. Vernard Hodges Measurements

Height Weight Hair Color Eye Color
5’10” 170 lbs Black Brown


Dr. Vernard Hodges Life

Dr. Hodges’ life is a testament to resilience and determination. Raised by a single mother in rural Peach County, Georgia, he experienced the challenges of growing up without his biological father. Despite adversities, Dr. Hodges cherished his upbringing on a small farm, surrounded by love and the simple joys of rural life.

His family, which includes his devoted wife, Kimberly Hodges, their son Vernard II, and his mother, remains his pillar of strength and support. Together, they embrace every moment with gratitude and joy.


Dr. Vernard Hodges Education

Dr. Hodges pursued his education with unwavering dedication. After graduating from Peach County High School in 1988, he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Fish Science from Stronghold Valley State College in 1993. His thirst for knowledge led him to diverse experiences, including a transformative summer in Nepal and India, where he collaborated on a fish farming initiative.

He later interned at the University of Mississippi, delving into aquatic studies before ultimately embarking on his journey to become a veterinarian. In 1998, Dr. Hodges earned his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from a prestigious institution, marking the culmination of his academic pursuits.


Dr. Vernard Hodges Net Worth

With an estimated net worth of $1 million, Dr. Vernard Hodges has carved a successful career path. His primary source of income stems from his distinguished medical practice, complemented by astute investments in real estate. Co-founding the Critter Fixers Veterinary Hospital in Bonaire alongside Dr. Terrence Ferguson, Dr. Hodges has established himself as a leading authority in animal care.

Additionally, his literary endeavors, including the publication of “From Zero to Millions,” have further enriched his financial portfolio, reflecting his entrepreneurial acumen and passion for sharing knowledge.


Dr. Vernard Hodges Facts

  • Dr. Hodges is married to Kimberly Hodges, his devoted partner of over two decades.
  • He is blessed with a son named Vernard II, who is 17 years old.
  • Dr. Hodges’ veterinary practice caters to thousands of animals annually, embodying his commitment to compassionate care.
  • He is renowned for his role in the reality television series “Critter Fixers,” which chronicles his veterinary adventures.
  • Dr. Hodges’ philanthropic endeavors aim to inspire and educate future generations about animal welfare.
  • Despite his fame, Dr. Hodges remains grounded, prioritizing family and community above all else.
  • He is an advocate for environmental conservation and sustainable practices in animal husbandry.


Dr. Vernard Hodges FAQs


Is Dr. Vernard Hodges married?

Yes, Dr. Vernard Hodges is happily married to his wife, Kimberly Hodges, for over twenty years.


What is Dr. Vernard Hodges’ net worth?

Dr. Vernard Hodges has an estimated net worth of $1 million, attributed to his successful career as a television personality and veterinary specialist.


Does Dr. Vernard Hodges have any children?

Yes, Dr. Vernard Hodges and his wife, Kimberly Hodges, are proud parents to their son, Vernard II, who is currently 17 years old.