Laurence Py Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts

Laurence Py Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts



Many people know Laurence Py as the proud mother of talented left back Theo Hernandez, who plays in Serie A for AC Milan and the French national team. Theo Hernandez plays football. Another football player in her family is Jean-Francois Hernandez, who used to be her husband. The sport is something that her family has done for a long time. Following in their dad’s footsteps, their two sons, Lucas and Theo, have also become football players. They are the couple’s only children.


Laurence Py Wiki

Attribute Details
Name Laurence Py
Occupation Celebrity Mother
DOB May 20
Gender Female
Star Sign Taurus
Nationality French
Birth Country France


Laurence Py Measurements

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Laurence Py Life

The game of soccer has been an important part of Laurence Py’s life both personally and professionally. Being the mother of Theo Hernandez, she has been there for her sons as they have navigated their careers in the tough world of professional football. She has been there for them and encouraged them along the way. Laurence has had to deal with a lot of problems, including her divorce from Jean-Francois Hernandez. But she has stayed strong and focused on giving her children a safe and caring home.

Parent Name
Spouse Name Jean-Francois Hernandez
Children Name Lucas, Theo


Laurence Py Education

It’s not easy to find information about Laurence Py’s educational background. On the other hand, her main goal has been to support and encourage her sons as they try to become international football players.



Laurence Py Net Worth

People in general don’t know how much money Laurence Py has. But since she is the mother of professional football players, it’s likely that she has benefited from their success.

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Laurence Py Facts

  • Laurence Py is the proud mother of professional footballers Lucas and Theo Hernandez.
  • Her former husband, Jean-Francois Hernandez, was also a footballer.
  • Despite facing difficulties, including her divorce and her husband’s abandonment, Laurence has remained a strong and supportive figure for her children.
  • Theo Hernandez has achieved success as a left-back for AC Milan and the French national team.
  • Laurence’s dedication to her sons’ careers has played a significant role in their success in professional football.


Laurence Py FAQs


Who are Laurence Py’s children?

Laurence Py’s children are Lucas and Theo Hernandez, both professional footballers.


What is Laurence Py’s occupation?

Laurence Py is known as a celebrity mother, supporting her sons in their football careers.


What happened to Laurence Py’s husband, Jean-Francois Hernandez?

Jean-Francois Hernandez abandoned Laurence and their two sons after retiring from professional football.


What challenges has Laurence Py faced in her life?

Laurence Py has faced challenges, including her divorce and her husband’s abandonment, but she has remained strong and supportive for her children.


What is Theo Hernandez known for?

Theo Hernandez is known as a talented left-back who plays for AC Milan and the French national team, achieving success in Serie A.