Mary Maddocks Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts

Mary Maddocks Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts



Many people know Mary Maddocks as the actress who played the lead in The Rocky Horror Show on the West End. She is married to actor Don Warrington. Mary has been a guest star on well-known TV shows like Doctor Who and Coronation Street. She has also directed a number of plays of the theater.


Mary Maddocks’ Career

In both theater and TV, Mary Maddocks has had a successful career. The Rocky Horror Show is a musical based on a book by Richard O’Brien that she has been in on the West End. Since its first season in the 1970s, the show has been a cult favorite that has been put on all over the world.

Along with her work on the stage, Mary has also been a guest star on TV shows like Doctor Who, Coronation Street, and Midsomer Murders. Her roles in these shows have made her known as a skilled and versatile actress.


Mary Maddocks’ Personal Life

The actor Don Warrington from Trinidad and Tobago is married to Mary Maddocks and they are very happy together. They are married and have two kids together, Jacob and Archie. They have been married for 36 years. Don has done a lot of work on stage and screen. In the BBC drama Death in Paradise, he played Chief Superintendent Selwyn Patterson.


Archie Williams Maddocks

Archie Williams Maddocks, who is the son of Mary Maddocks and Don Warrington, wants to be an actor like his parents did. Since Archie comes from a family of actors, he has always loved the theater. He is known for having great comedic timing and has already written a few plays.

Archie talked about his love of wrestling and how he first wanted to work for WWE in an interview in 2013. But when Archie realized he was good at writing and performing, he chose to go into the theater like his parents did. He has already had a lot of success at such a young age and is about to become famous as an actor.


Mary Maddocks’ FAQs


What is Mary Maddocks’ occupation?

Mary Maddocks is an actress and director.


Who is Mary Maddocks married to?

Mary Maddocks is married to actor Don Warrington.


How many children does Mary Maddocks have?

Mary Maddocks has two children, Jacob and Archie, with Don Warrington.


What TV shows has Mary Maddocks appeared on?

Mary Maddocks has appeared on shows such as Coronation Street, Midsomer Murders, and Doctor Who.


What is Mary Maddocks’ age?

Mary Maddocks’ age is not specified in the reference article.


Where can I watch The Rocky Horror Show?

The Rocky Horror Show has had productions all over the world. You can check local theaters for upcoming shows.


What is Archie Williams Maddocks’ occupation?

Archie Williams Maddocks is an aspiring actor and playwright.