Morgan Ortagus Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts

Morgan Ortagus Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts



Morgan Ortagus is a well-known public speaker for the US Department of State and a member of the US Navy Reserves. She is also active in American politics and diplomacy. Because she served in the US Navy Reserves, she is also known for that. She was born in Auburndale, Florida, on July 10, 1982, in the United States of America. Even though she is still pretty young, she has already done a lot for the government.


Morgan Ortagus Wiki

Attribute Details
Name Morgan Ortagus
Age 38 Years
Occupation Financial Analyst & Political Advisor
DOB July 10, 1982
Gender Female
Star Sign Cancer
Ethnicity White
Country USA


Morgan Ortagus Measurements

Attribute Details
Height 5’ 7” (170 cm)
Weight 59 kg (130 lbs)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green


Morgan Ortagus Life

Morgan Ortagus has had a very interesting and important job. You can find her in the US Navy Reserves, where she has been since 2014 and is still actively serving. She also showed her commitment to public service and skill in the financial world by working as a director in the US Treasury Department for almost five years.



Relationship Name
Father Ronald E. Ortagus
Mother Denise C. Ortagus
Sister Megan Ortagus
Husband Jonathan Weinberger
Children Adina Weinberger



She went to Florida Southern University and Johns Hopkins University, where the Carey Business School gave her a Master of Business Administration degree. Morgan Ortagus finished her education at both of these places. The combination of her work experience and intellectual background has made her a creative and skilled leader in both the political and business areas she is in charge of.


Net Worth

With all of her jobs in the banking field and the government, Morgan Ortagus has built up a good amount of money over the course of her work. Her annual pay and the fact that she has many ways to make money make her financially stable, even if some information might not be available to the public right away.


Morgan Ortagus Facts

  • Morgan Ortagus made headlines in 2019 for her remarks on the Chinese government, displaying her willingness to speak out on important geopolitical issues.
  • She is actively involved in social media, with a significant following on platforms like Twitter, where she shares insights and updates on her work.
  • Morgan Ortagus’ transition from a Christian upbringing to embracing Judaism reflects her openness to different faiths and cultures.
  • Her marriage to Jonathan Weinberger in 2013 highlights her personal life alongside her professional endeavors.
  • Morgan Ortagus’ dedication to public service is evident through her roles in the Navy Reserves and various government positions.


Morgan Ortagus FAQs

What is Morgan Ortagus known for?

Morgan Ortagus is known for her roles as a spokesperson for the United States Department of State and her service in the United States Navy Reserves.

Where was Morgan Ortagus born?

Morgan Ortagus was born on July 10, 1982, in Auburndale, Florida, USA.

What is Morgan Ortagus’ educational background?

Morgan Ortagus earned a graduate degree in MBA from John Hopkins University.

Who is Morgan Ortagus married to?

Morgan Ortagus is married to Jonathan Weinberger, and they have a daughter named Adina.

What is Morgan Ortagus’ nationality?

Morgan Ortagus is American.

What is Morgan Ortagus’ net worth?

While specific figures are not publicly disclosed, Morgan Ortagus has accumulated significant wealth through her various professional endeavors.

How did Morgan Ortagus transition from Christianity to Judaism?

Morgan Ortagus was inspired by Judaism during her time in Baghdad, leading to her transition from a Christian upbringing.