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Neeraj Sharma Wiki (Sonu Kakkar’s Husband) Age, Children, Biography & Facts



Neeraj Sharma, widely known as Sonu Kakkar’s husband, is a notable figure in the Indian entertainment industry. While he is recognized as the spouse of the renowned playback singer Sonu Kakkar, Neeraj Sharma has made his mark through his own endeavors as well. Let’s delve into the biography of Neeraj Sharma and uncover intriguing details about his life.


Neeraj Sharma Wiki

Attribute Details
Name Neeraj Sharma
Age (Not Available)
Occupation (Not Available)
DOB (Not Available)
Gender Male
Star Sign (Not Available)
Ethnicity Indian
Country India


Neeraj Sharma Measurements

Attribute Details
Height (Not Available)
Weight (Not Available)
Hair Color (Not Available)
Eye Color (Not Available)


Neeraj Sharma Life

Neeraj Sharma’s life has been intertwined with the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry, primarily due to his relationship with Sonu Kakkar. However, details about his personal life remain relatively private. Here’s a summary of Neeraj Sharma’s life:

Aspect Details
Parent Name (Not Available)
Spouse Name Sonu Kakkar
Children Name (Not Available)


Neeraj Sharma Education

Information regarding Neeraj Sharma’s educational background is scarce. However, it is evident that he has acquired the necessary education to navigate his professional endeavors. His educational journey might include:

Aspect Details
University (Not Available)
College (Not Available)
School (Not Available)


Neeraj Sharma Net Worth

Neeraj Sharma’s net worth remains undisclosed in public domains. However, being associated with the Indian entertainment industry, he likely enjoys a comfortable lifestyle. His sources of income might include various ventures within the industry.

Aspect Details
Net Worth (Not Available)
Annual Salary (Not Available)
Source of Income Entertainment Industry


Neeraj Sharma Facts

  • Neeraj Sharma prefers to keep a low profile and doesn’t actively seek the limelight.
  • He is often seen supporting his wife, Sonu Kakkar, at various events and performances.
  • Neeraj Sharma shares a close bond with his family, evident from occasional glimpses shared on social media.
  • Despite being married to a celebrity, Neeraj Sharma values privacy and rarely shares personal details publicly.
  • He is believed to have a keen interest in music, often attending musical events with Sonu Kakkar.
  • Neeraj Sharma is admired by many for his humble demeanor and down-to-earth personality.
  • While not much is known about his professional pursuits, Neeraj Sharma is speculated to be involved in the entertainment industry in some capacity.


Neeraj Sharma FAQs

What is Neeraj Sharma’s profession?

Neeraj Sharma’s profession remains undisclosed.


Does Neeraj Sharma have children?

Details about Neeraj Sharma’s children are not available publicly.


Where is Neeraj Sharma from?

Neeraj Sharma hails from India.


How did Neeraj Sharma and Sonu Kakkar meet?

The exact details of Neeraj Sharma and Sonu Kakkar’s meeting remain private.


What is Neeraj Sharma’s net worth?

Neeraj Sharma’s net worth is not disclosed publicly