Noah Schnapp Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts

Noah Schnapp Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts



In 2004, on October 3, America and Canada’s Noah Schnapp was born. He is a skilled actress. He is very well known for playing Will Byers in “Stranger Things,” which is the most popular show on Netflix. We talk about the interesting parts of Noah Schnapp’s life in this piece. These parts include his background, personal details, work achievements, and little-known facts.

His profile says that Noah Cameron Schnapp is already a well-known person in the entertainment business, even though he is only thirteen years old. His youth was mostly shaped by Mitchell Schnapp, a private equity manager, and Karine Schnapp, a business leader. The United States of America is where he was born, and his parents had a big impact on how he learned. Before Noah Schnapp and his twin sister Chole Schnapp became actors, both of them were inspired by a performance in the Broadway show “Annie.” He got his start in the business at Westchester’s Star Kids. He took an acting class there, which is what brought him to MKS&D Talent Management in the end.


Noah Schnapp Wiki

Name Noah Cameron Schnapp
Age Thirteen (13) years old
Occupation Actor
DOB October 3, 2004
Gender Male
Star Sign Libra
Ethnicity White Caucasian
Country USA
Nationality American-Canadian

Noah Schnapp Life

Noah’s life is made possible by his skills, his hard work, and the love and support of his family. After finishing up his studies at Scarsdale Middle School, he has become a citizen of both the United States and Canada. He started out as a character actor in “The Peanuts Movie” (2015) and has since gone on to play major roles in “Bridges of Spies” and the highly praised Netflix show “Stranger Things.” The important parts he has played show how dedicated he is to his job.

Noah Schnapp Education

Noah went to Scarsdale Middle School and then the acting school at Star Kids in Westchester. He went from being a rising star to a well-known actor thanks to his hard work and the help he got from his coach, Alyson, and MKS&D star Management.

Noah Schnapp Net Worth

As of 2018, Noah Schnapp is thought to have a net worth of about $500,000. This means that his hard work and skill have paid off financially. The exact amount of his annual salary has not been made public, but most of his money comes from playing, especially from his part in the highly praised TV show “Stranger Things.”

Noah Schnapp Facts

  • Noah Schnapp initiated his career as a voice actor in “The Peanuts Movie” (2015), lending his voice to Charlie Brown.
  • He secured his first acting role in Steven Spielberg’s historical film, “Bridges of Spies.”
  • Noah’s estimated net worth reached $500,000 USD by 2018.
  • He receives around $10,000 USD per episode for his role in “Stranger Things.”
  • The third season of “Stranger Things” is set to air in 2019, showcasing Noah’s return to the beloved series.
  • In addition to his TV success, Schnapp has made appearances in movies like “The Circle” (2016), with releases in 2018 including “Waiting for Anya” and “Intensive Care.”
  • In 2016, he featured in a music video, “LA Devotee.”


Noah Schnapp FAQs

Is Noah Schnapp married?

No, Noah Schnapp is currently unmarried.

What is Noah Schnapp’s net worth?

As of 2018, Noah Schnapp’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000 USD.

How much does Noah Schnapp earn per episode of “Stranger Things”?

Noah Schnapp receives around $10,000 USD per episode for his role in “Stranger Things.”

What is Noah Schnapp’s favorite holiday destination?

Noah Schnapp’s dream holiday destination is Paris.

What are Noah Schnapp’s favorite hobbies?

Noah Schnapp enjoys painting and traveling.

Does Noah Schnapp have any siblings?

Yes, Noah Schnapp has a twin sister named Chole Schnapp.

Which film marked Noah Schnapp’s first acting role?

Noah Schnapp’s first acting role was in Steven Spielberg’s historical film “Bridges of Spies.”

In which year did Noah Schnapp start his career in acting?

Noah Schnapp began his acting career in 2015 as a voice actor in “The Peanuts Movie.”