Pat Smear Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts

Pat Smear Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts



Pat Smear is a famous rock guitarist who was born Georg Albert Ruthenberg and is from West Los Angeles, California. People know him for writing in this style. As lead guitarist for the punk rock band The Germs and rhythm guitarist for the Foo Fighters, Smear has changed the music business in a way that will never be erased. People know him for making huge impacts to the music business.


Pat Smear’s Biography

When Pat Smear was young, his parents signed him up for piano classes, which sparked his interest in a career in music. This was the start of his journey into singing. But the moment he taught himself how to play the guitar was the moment he found out who he really loved. Even though he came from a poor family, Smear joined a cooperative when he was thirteen years old because he was dedicated to his job. In the end, he chose to go to the Creative Program School for an alternative education. That’s when he met Crash, who was one of the founders of The Germs. Fate brought them together.

Unfortunately, The Germs had to decide to split up quickly because of unplanned events. Smear, on the other hand, didn’t let this setback stop him. He finally joined the Foo Fighters and became their rhythm guitarist. The band has put out six new records since then, which has made Smear even more important in the world of rock music.


Pat Smear Wiki

Name Age Occupation DOB Gender Star Sign Ethnicity Country
Pat Smear N/A Rock Musician N/A N/A N/A N/A United States


Pat Smear’s Life

Pat Smear’s life shows how powerful it can be to keep going even when things get hard. Even though Smear and Jena Cardwell are no longer together as The Germs, she was able to love and support him. They have been together for more than twenty years and have been able to handle the challenges that come with being in the music business. A lot of people think that their secret marriage is the best thing that could happen between a singer and an artist.

The party of David Bowie’s 50th birthday took place at Madison Square Garden in 1997. Smear shared the stage with other famous people in the music business, which showed how friendly people are in the business.

Parent’s Name Spouse’s Name Children’s Name
N/A Jena Cardwell N/A


Pat Smear’s Education

Smear’s educational journey took an unconventional route. After leaving the cooperative, he enrolled in the Creative Program School, where he encountered pivotal moments that shaped his musical career.

University College School
Creative Program School N/A N/A


Pat Smear’s Net Worth

Pat Smear’s contributions to the music world have not only earned him acclaim but also a considerable net worth. While specific details are undisclosed, his annual salary and primary source of income contribute to his financial success.

Net Worth Annual Salary Source of Income
N/A N/A Music Industry


Pat Smear Facts

  • Pat Smear, despite facing setbacks, remains grateful for the guidance of his wife, Jena Cardwell.
  • The couple has been together for over twenty years, and Jena is known for designing Smear’s album covers.
  • Smear acknowledges that his significant other played a crucial role in his success, dedicating many of his songs to her.


Pat Smear FAQs

Q: How did Pat Smear start his musical journey?

A: Pat Smear began his musical journey by self-teaching himself to play the guitar after enrolling in piano lessons as a child.

Q: Is Pat Smear still part of the Foo Fighters?

A: Yes, Pat Smear continues to be the rhythm guitarist for the Foo Fighters.

Q: Who is Pat Smear’s wife?

A: Pat Smear is married to Jena Cardwell, a supportive partner who has been with him since the early days of The Germs.

Q: How many children does Pat Smear have?

A: Pat Smear and Jena Cardwell have a child, and the family prefers to keep specific details private.

Q: What is Pat Smear’s net worth?

A: While exact figures are undisclosed, Pat Smear’s net worth is substantial, reflecting his successful career in the music industry.