Rajoshi Vidyarthi Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts

Rajoshi Vidyarthi Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts



Rajoshi Vidyarthi, widely recognized as Piloo Vidyarthi, is a prominent Bengali Indian actress with a multifaceted career in music, theatre, and film. Born on August 30, 1965, in Kolkata, West Bengal, she is the daughter of veteran Bengali actress Shakuntala Barua. Rajoshi gained popularity for her role in the television serial “Suhani Si Ek Ladki” and has since made significant contributions to the entertainment industry.


Rajoshi Vidyarthi Wiki

Attribute Details
Name Rajoshi Vidyarthi (Piloo Vidyarthi)
Age 57 years old
Occupation Actor, Singer, and Theatre Artist
Date of Birth August 30, 1965
Gender Female
Star Sign Virgo
Ethnicity Indian
Country Kolkata, West Bengal


Rajoshi Vidyarthi Measurements

Attribute Details
Height Approx. 163 cm / 1.63 m / 5′ 4″
Weight Will Update
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel Green


Rajoshi Vidyarthi Life

Rajoshi Vidyarthi’s life journey began in Kolkata, where she spent her formative years. Graduating with Honours in Economics from Jadavpur University in 1990, she entered the entertainment industry with a passion for acting, singing, and theatre. Rajoshi co-founded “Ashish Vidyarthi & Associates,” focusing on transforming lives through art. Additionally, she founded the non-profit organization “Chhutir Pathshala” in Mumbai, dedicated to the well-being of non-resident Bengalis.


Family: Parents & Siblings

Rajoshi’s creative background stems from her family. While her father’s name remains unknown, her mother, Shakuntala Barua, is a renowned Bengali actress. Rajoshi’s artistic journey was nurtured by her parents, and she may have siblings, possibly a sister named Arita Barua.


Rajoshi Vidyarthi Education

Rajoshi Vidyarthi pursued her education at Jadavpur University, Kolkata, where she completed her graduation in Economics with Honours in 1990. Her academic achievements complemented her artistic pursuits, laying the foundation for a successful career in the entertainment industry.


Rajoshi Vidyarthi Net Worth

Rajoshi Vidyarthi, with her diverse contributions to the entertainment world, has accumulated a noteworthy net worth. While specific figures may vary, her annual salary and sources of income primarily revolve around her roles in television, theatre, and music. Her dedication to transforming lives through art reflects in her professional journey.

Details Amount
Net Worth Will Update
Annual Salary Will Update
Source of Income TV, Theatre, Music


Rajoshi Vidyarthi Facts

  • Rajoshi Vidyarthi, also known as Piloo Vidyarthi, is a versatile artist associated with the Ekjute theatre group.
  • She gained recognition for her role in “Suhani Si Ek Ladki.”
  • Rajoshi co-founded “Ashish Vidyarthi & Associates” to promote transformation through art.
  • She is the proud mother of her son, Arth Vidyarthi.
  • Rajoshi is actively involved in the non-profit organization “Chhutir Pathshala” for the well-being of non-resident Bengalis.


Rajoshi Vidyarthi FAQs

Is Rajoshi Vidyarthi still married to Ashish Vidyarthi?

No, they got divorced after their marriage in 1990.


Who are Rajoshi Vidyarthi’s parents?

Her father’s name is not publicly known, but her mother is Shakuntala Barua, a Bengali actress.


What is Rajoshi Vidyarthi’s current project?

Specific details about her current projects are not available as of the latest information.


Tell us about Rajoshi Vidyarthi’s son, Arth Vidyarthi.

While details are limited, Arth Vidyarthi is the son of Rajoshi and Ashish Vidyarthi.