Sean Whalen Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts

Sean Whalen Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts



Seán Whalen is a famous businessman in the United States. He is best known for running the clothing line Lions Not Sheep. Aside from that, he created and runs the business networking software Meetrz, which lets people from anywhere have face-to-face meetings at the same time. Whalen has been in business for more than 22 years and is a podcaster, author, and powerful person. He’s also written books that got a lot of sales. He is also the founder and president of the Lion’s Den, a well-known company that teaches people how to run a business. Utilizing social influencers for ninety percent of marketing and branding operations is the strategy that Whalen use in order to expand their company portfolio. Besides that, he has also started making movies. One of his most well-known works is “Lions Not Sheep,” a movie that looks at how macho ideals can hurt people. There were claims that Whalen falsely labeled imported goods as “Made in USA,” so the Federal Trade Commission went after the company. Because of these claims, Whalen is now well known to many people.


Sean Whalen Wiki

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Name Sean Whalen
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Occupation Businessman, Author, CEO
DOB (Date of Birth)
Gender Male
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Ethnicity American
Country United States


Sean Whalen Measurements

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Sean Whalen Life

The different jobs Sean Whalen has had and his drive to be a business have changed his life in a way that can’t be erased. He has established himself as a great person by being a successful businessman, artist, and public figure. Even though he has been involved in many problems with how foreign goods are labeled, Whalen is still a very important guy in business.

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Spouse Name Saxony Whalen
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Sean Whalen Education

Some of Sean Whalen’s success in the business world can be attributed to his schooling. He went to reputable colleges to learn more about business in order to lay the groundwork for his future projects.


Sean Whalen Net Worth

Numerous business activities, including Lions Not Sheep, Meetrz, and the sales of his books, have helped Sean Whalen earn a sizable sum of money. Nobody knows for sure how much Whalen is worth, but the fact that he has a lot of different ways to make money means that he is worth a lot of money.

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Source of Income Business ventures, book sales, investments, podcast programs, TV appearances


Sean Whalen Facts

  • Sean Whalen is a bestselling author with over 425,000 copies sold of his book “How To Make Sh*t Happen.”
  • He is the co-host of “The Sean and Sax Show” podcast alongside his wife, Saxony Whalen.
  • Whalen’s business app Meetrz garnered 5,000 downloads within its first 48 hours of launch.
  • He is known for emphasizing the negative consequences of the masculine ideal in his film “Lions Not Sheep.”
  • Whalen has over 22 years of experience in the business world as a speaker, podcaster, and business advisor.


Sean Whalen FAQs

Q: What is Sean Whalen known for?

A: Sean Whalen is known for his ownership of the apparel line Lions Not Sheep and his role as the CEO of Meetrz.

Q: How did Sean Whalen gain prominence?

A: Sean Whalen gained prominence through his bestselling book “How To Make Sh*t Happen” and his business ventures.

Q: Is Sean Whalen married?

A: Yes, Sean Whalen is married to Saxony Whalen.

Q: How many children does Sean Whalen have?

A: Sean Whalen has three children from a previous marriage.

Q: What controversies has Sean Whalen been involved in?

A: Sean Whalen faced controversy for falsely labeling imported garments as “Made in USA.”

Q: What is Sean Whalen’s net worth?

A: Sean Whalen’s net worth is estimated to be in the multimillion-dollar range.

Q: What is the Sean and Sax Show?

A: The Sean and Sax Show is a podcast hosted by Sean Whalen and his wife, Saxony Whalen, where they discuss various topics including business, relationships, and personal development.