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Tatahda Ferguson is the wife of Darnell Ferguson, a renowned chef and television personality. The couple exchanged vows on May 22, 2016, and have been together for several years. Despite leading a private life, Tatahda’s presence in Darnell’s life is evident through his occasional posts on social media platforms.


Tatahda Ferguson Wiki

Name Tatahda Ferguson
Age 29
Occupation Not Available
DOB May 11, 1993
Gender Female
Star Sign Not Available
Ethnicity Not Available
Country Not Available

Tatahda Ferguson Measurements

Height Not Available
Weight Not Available
Hair Color Not Available
Eye Color Not Available

Tatahda Ferguson Life

Tatahda Ferguson leads a relatively private life, away from the spotlight. She became Darnell Ferguson’s wife in 2016, and the couple has since built a family together. Despite their busy schedules, they prioritize spending time with their children, fostering a warm and loving home environment.

Family Life:

  • Tatahda Ferguson and Darnell Ferguson have eight children together.
  • They share a strong bond as a family, cherishing moments spent together at their home in Alabama.


Tatahda Ferguson Education

Details about Tatahda Ferguson’s educational background are not available publicly. However, her dedication to her family and support for her husband’s endeavors reflect her nurturing and caring nature.


Tatahda Ferguson Net Worth

While Tatahda Ferguson’s individual net worth is not disclosed, her husband, Darnell Ferguson, has amassed considerable wealth through his successful culinary career. Darnell’s ventures in the restaurant industry, coupled with his television appearances and competition wins, have contributed significantly to the family’s financial stability.


Tatahda Ferguson Facts

  • Tatahda Ferguson’s original surname was Lefebvre.
  • She and Darnell Ferguson share a significant age gap of six years.
  • Despite leading a private life, Tatahda occasionally makes appearances on Darnell’s social media accounts.
  • The couple’s eighth child, Ali Ferguson, shares a birthday with and is named after boxing legend Muhammad Ali.
  • Darnell Ferguson has publicly praised Tatahda for her role as a mother, emphasizing the importance of her influence on their family.


Tatahda Ferguson FAQs

1. How long have Tatahda and Darnell Ferguson been married?
Tatahda and Darnell Ferguson exchanged vows on May 22, 2016.

2. How many children do Tatahda and Darnell Ferguson have?
Tatahda and Darnell Ferguson are parents to eight children.

3. Where do Tatahda and Darnell Ferguson reside?
Tatahda and Darnell Ferguson live in Alabama with their family.

4. What is Tatahda Ferguson’s age?
Tatahda Ferguson is 29 years old, born on May 11, 1993.

5. What is Tatahda Ferguson known for?
Tatahda Ferguson is best known for her role as Darnell Ferguson’s wife and her influence on their family life.

6. Does Tatahda Ferguson have a public profession?
Tatahda Ferguson’s profession, if any, has not been publicly disclosed.

7. How many children did Tatahda and Darnell Ferguson have in 2020?
In September 2020, Tatahda and Darnell Ferguson welcomed their eighth child.


My Conclusive View

Tatahda Ferguson plays an integral role in the life of Darnell Ferguson, providing love, support, and stability for their family. While she maintains a low profile, her impact on their household is evident through Darnell’s occasional social media posts. Together, Tatahda and Darnell Ferguson navigate the challenges of parenthood and celebrate the joys of family life.