Thassapak Hsu Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts

Thassapak Hsu Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts



His interesting journey began in Taipei City, where he was born to Fashon Hsu, who was from Taiwan, and Nontalee Saejung, who was from Thailand. You can read about Thassapak Hsu’s life here. The school he went to after moving to Thailand with his family when he was 14 years old was Hatyaiwittayalai School in Hat Yai. He later showed that he was dedicated to growing as a person and as a worker by participating in the Strategic Communications program at the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce in Bangkok. Being able to speak Thai, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, and English fluently is just one of the many things that make Thassapak so popular around the world.


Thassapak Hsu Wiki:

Attribute Details
Name Thassapak Hsu
Age 31 years old
Occupation Actor, Model, Singer, Host
DOB October 30, 1991
Gender Male
Star Sign Scorpio
Ethnicity Asian
Country Taiwan


Thassapak Hsu Measurements:

Measurements Details
Height 183 cm (6’0”)
Weight 70 kg (154 lbs)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black


Thassapak Hsu Life:

When it comes to his personal life, Thassapak Hsu shows how important love and family remain. The wedding happened on January 23, 2016, and Thai actor and model Sumonthip Hsu, whose stage name is Gubgib Sumonthip Leuanguthai, was there. They got married and had two beautiful girls. Paulina “Paopao” Hsu was born on June 23, 2016, and Lalina Hsu will be born on May 7, 2020. These two kids are both very pretty. Aside from his close relationship with his family, Thassapak also has close ties with the artists Push Puttichai Kasetsin and Esther Supreeleela. He has a cross tattoo on his left arm, which shows that he respects Rain and sees her as one of his heroes.


Thassapak Hsu Career:

Over the course of her work, Thassapak Hsu has done many things, such as presenting, playing, and singing. He won the singing competition held by the KPN Awards in 2011. This was the start of his journey as a singer, which he began when he was 18. After that, he joined the South Korean boy band Victor, which became famous before breaking up in 2014. Thai sitcom “Club Friday Season 5: Secret of a Heart That Doesn’t Exist” was Thassapak’s first role after he started acting. This performance gave him a chance to show how flexible he is, and it made an impact that people will not soon forget.

After making his start in the Chinese entertainment business, he went on to be in a number of popular shows, such as “Cinderella Chef,” “Love Won’t Wait,” and “My Girlfriend Is an Alien,” which helped him build his image even more in China and around the world. Apart from working in the entertainment business, Thassapak also started his own record label called Bie Music to help new Thai singers and promote Thai music around the world.


Thassapak Hsu Net Worth:

As of 2023, Thassapak Hsu’s estimated net worth ranges between $1-2 million USD. Acting and hosting are his primary income sources, supplemented by endorsements and advertisements.


Thassapak Hsu Facts:

  • Thassapak is fluent in Thai, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, and English.
  • He started his singing career at the age of 18 and joined the boy band Victor in 2013.
  • Married to Thai actress Sumonthip Hsu, the couple has two daughters, Paulina and Lalina.
  • Thassapak launched his record label, Bie Music, to promote Thai music internationally.
  • He is a fan of Korean singer Rain and has a tattoo of a cross on his left arm.
  • Thassapak has hosted popular shows like The Voice Thailand Season 3 and 4, and The Mask Singer Thailand Season 2.


Thassapak Hsu FAQs:

Q: When did Thassapak Hsu start his singing career?

A: Thassapak began his singing career at the age of 18.

Q: How many daughters does Thassapak Hsu have?

A: Thassapak Hsu has two daughters, Paulina and Lalina.

Q: What languages is Thassapak Hsu fluent in?

A: Thassapak is fluent in Thai, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, and English.

Q: What is Thassapak Hsu’s record label called?

A: Thassapak Hsu’s record label is named Bie Music.

Q: Who is Thassapak Hsu married to?

A: Thassapak Hsu is married to Thai actress Sumonthip Hsu, also known as Gubgib Sumonthip Leuanguthai.


Finally, Thassapak Hsu’s journey from a talented singer to a well-known actor and host shows how adaptable he is and how much he loves the entertainment business. He first made a living as a singer. Thailand and China say he is liked because he is multiethnic, puts family first, and has made contributions to the music and TV scenes.