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Tyrone Lindqvist stands as a prominent figure in the realm of music, known for for his exceptional skills as a guitarist and entertainer.

His musical journey is closely associated with the alternative dance band Rufus Du Sol, where his artistic contributions have left an indelible mark.


Tyrone Lindqvist Wiki

Name Age Occupation DOB Gender Country
Tyrone Lindqvist 33 Guitarist, Entertainer January 12, 1989 Male Australia


Tyrone Lindqvist Measurements

Height Weight Hair Color Eye Color
6 feet 1 inch Not Available Not Available Not Available


Tyrone Lindqvist Life

Tyrone Lindqvist’s journey in the music industry commenced when the band Rufus Du Sol was formed in November 2010, consisting of Jon George, Tyrone Lindqvist, and James Hunt.

Their debut EP, “Rufus,” was released on January 1, 2011. Over the years, Tyrone has played a pivotal role in crafting popular tunes such as “Treat You Better,” “Lost to Me,” and “Underwater.”

Parent Name Spouse Name Children Name
Not Available Malorie Lindqvist Not Disclosed


Tyrone Lindqvist Education

Details about Tyrone Lindqvist’s educational background are not publicly available. His focus and dedication to his musical career with Rufus Du Sol have been a prominent aspect of his life.

University College School
Not Available Not Available Not Available


Tyrone Lindqvist Networth

There is big difference in Tyrone Lindqvist’s financial situation because of his art and his work in the music business, especially with Rufus Du Sol.

Some people think that he is worth about million dollars, but the exact amount of his wealth has not been made public. His main way of making money is through his job as musician.

Net Worth Annual Salary Source of Income
$1 million Not Available Music, Entertainment


Tyrone Lindqvist Facts

  • Tyrone Lindqvist is renowned for his role as a guitarist and entertainer in the alternative dance band Rufus Du Sol.
  • He joined Rufus Du Sol in November 2010, and the band released their debut EP, “Rufus,” on January 1, 2011.
  • Despite being a public figure, Tyrone maintains privacy, especially regarding his marriage to Malorie Lindqvist.
  • Born on January 12, 1989, in Australia, Tyrone is 33 years old and stands at a height of 6 feet 1 inch.
  • His notable performances include appearances at festivals like Coachella, gaining international recognition in 2016.
  • Tyrone Lindqvist is active on Instagram, sharing glimpses of his life and musical journey with his 3592 followers.
  • Specific details about his weight and other physical attributes are not publicly disclosed.


Tyrone Lindqvist FAQs

Q: Who is Tyrone Lindqvist married to?

A: Tyrone Lindqvist is married to Malorie Lindqvist.


Q: What are Tyrone Lindqvist’s notable songs with Rufus Du Sol?

A: Some of Tyrone Lindqvist’s notable songs include “Treat You Better,” “Lost to Me,” and “Underwater.”


Q: How old is Tyrone Lindqvist?

A: Tyrone Lindqvist is 33 years old, born on January 12, 1989.


Q: Where was Tyrone Lindqvist born?

A: Tyrone Lindqvist was born in Australia.


Q: What is Tyrone Lindqvist’s estimated net worth?

A: Tyrone Lindqvist’s estimated net worth is $1 million.


Q: Is Tyrone Lindqvist active on social media?

A: Yes, Tyrone Lindqvist is active on Instagram under the username @malshow.


Q: What is Tyrone Lindqvist’s primary source of income?

A: Tyrone Lindqvist’s primary source of income is derived from his music and entertainment career.


Q: When did Rufus Du Sol release their debut EP?

A: Rufus Du Sol released their debut EP, “Rufus,” on January 1, 2011.


Q: In which festivals has Tyrone Lindqvist performed?

A: Tyrone Lindqvist gained international attention with performances at festivals like Coachella.


Q: Are there any details about Tyrone Lindqvist’s children?

A: Specific details about Tyrone Lindqvist’s children are not disclosed.