Viy Cortez Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts

Viy Cortez Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts



Viy Cortez, the renowned YouTuber, has captivated the digital entertainment world with her charming personality. Born on July 23, 1996, in the Philippines, she will be celebrating her 25th birthday in 2022. Viy is not just a content creator; she is also the CEO and founder of VIYLINE, a cosmetics company, and VIYLine Skincare. Her journey in the YouTube realm began in 2016, and since then, she has garnered a massive following with her engaging video blog content.


Viy Cortez Wiki

Let’s delve into the details of Viy Cortez’s life with a comprehensive table:

Name Viy Cortez
Age 25 (as of 2022)
Occupation YouTuber, CEO, Founder
DOB July 23, 1996
Gender Female
Star Sign Leo
Ethnicity Filipino
Country Philippines



Viy Cortez Measurements

Viy Cortez stands at an impressive 5 feet 5 inches and maintains a healthy weight of 65 kilograms. Her charming personality is complemented by her dark light hair and brown eyes, reflecting her dedication to maintaining her overall well-being through regular gym sessions and a balanced diet.

Height Weight Hair Color Eye Color
5’5″ 65 kg Dark Light Brown



Viy Cortez Life

Viy Cortez’s life took a significant turn when she ventured into the world of YouTube in 2016. The journey wasn’t without its challenges, but Viy’s determination and passion for content creation propelled her to success. Apart from her thriving YouTube career, Viy is romantically involved with Cong Velasquez, a fellow YouTuber who owns the Cong TV channel. The couple, together since 2015, is happily married and eagerly anticipating their first child.

Here’s a glimpse into Viy Cortez’s personal life through a table:

Parent Name Spouse Name Children Name
Not Disclosed Cong Velasquez Expecting first child



Viy Cortez Education

Viy Cortez completed her education in the Philippines before embarking on her YouTube journey. Despite initial skepticism from her parents about her career choice, Viy proved her worth, and they eventually became her biggest supporters. Viy’s commitment to her passion has been the driving force behind her success.

Explore Viy Cortez’s educational journey in the table below:

University College School
Not Disclosed Not Disclosed Not Disclosed



Viy Cortez Net Worth

As of now, Viy Cortez boasts a substantial YouTube following, with 2.19 million subscribers. Her monthly net worth ranges from $40.2 to $241 thousand, contributing to her total assets of $900,000 to $950,000. Viy’s primary source of income is her successful YouTube channel, while she also owns and operates a food service business called “Tea Talk.”

Here’s a breakdown of Viy Cortez’s financial success:

Networth Annual Salary Source of Income
$900,000 – $950,000 $40.2K – $241K/month YouTube, Food Service Business



Viy Cortez Facts

Viy Cortez joined YouTube on April 6, 2016.

She is the proud owner of VIYLINE, a cosmetics company.

Viy is the CEO and founder of VIYLine Skincare.

Cong Velasquez, her spouse, is also a fellow YouTuber.

Viy Cortez is expecting her first child with Cong Velasquez.

She maintains a verified Instagram account with 2.3 million followers.

Viy’s YouTube channel, @Viy Cortez, covers various aspects of live recording.


Viy Cortez FAQs


Q: When did Viy Cortez start her YouTube channel?

A: Viy Cortez launched her YouTube channel on April 6, 2016.


Q: What is the name of Viy Cortez’s cosmetics company?

A: Viy is the proud owner of VIYLINE, her cosmetics brand.


Q: How many subscribers does Viy Cortez have on YouTube?

A: Viy Cortez has amassed a following of 2.19 million subscribers.


Q: When did Viy Cortez and Cong Velasquez get married?

A: Viy Cortez and Cong Velasquez have been happily married for quite some time, starting around 2015.


Q: What is Viy Cortez’s verified Instagram handle?

A: Viy Cortez can be found on Instagram with the handle @viycortez.


Q: What is the main source of Viy Cortez’s income?

A: Viy’s primary source of income is her successful YouTube channel, supplemented by her food service business, “Tea Talk.”


Q: How many followers does Viy Cortez have on Instagram?

A: Viy Cortez has a massive Instagram following of 2.3 million.



In conclusion, Viy Cortez’s journey from a Filipino student to a successful YouTuber and businesswoman is truly inspiring. Her dedication to her passion, coupled with her entrepreneurial spirit, has propelled her to both fame and fortune. As she and Cong Velasquez embark on the journey of parenthood, Viy continues to share her experiences with her ever-growing audience, leaving an indelible mark on the world of digital entertainment.