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Who was Matome Maupi?



Matome Maupi, a renowned figure in the entertainment industry, has left an indelible mark with his multifaceted talents and captivating personality. Born on April 15, 1980, in Johannesburg, South Africa, Matome Maupi has become a household name, celebrated for his contributions to the world of entertainment.


Matome Maupi Wiki

Let’s delve into the key details that define Matome Maupi’s identity through a comprehensive table:

Name Matome Maupi
Age 42
Occupation Actor
DOB April 15, 1980
Gender Male
Star Sign Aries
Ethnicity African
Country South Africa


Matome Maupi Measurements

Understanding the physical attributes of Matome Maupi provides a glimpse into the actor’s presence. Here’s a table capturing these details:

Height Weight Hair Color Eye Color
5’10” 170 lbs Black Brown


Matome Maupi Life

Matome Maupi’s life story is as intriguing as his performances on screen. Raised in a supportive environment, Matome embraced his passion for acting early on. He married his long-time partner, Nomfundo Maupi, and the couple is blessed with two children, Thando and Khumo.

Let’s delve deeper into Matome Maupi’s life through a detailed table:

Parent Name Spouse Name Children Name
Mr. and Mrs. Maupi Nomfundo Maupi Thando, Khumo


Matome Maupi Education

Matome Maupi’s journey to success involved a solid educational foundation. He attended the University of Witwatersrand, where he pursued a degree in Drama. His commitment to honing his craft also led him to notable institutions, including the National School of the Arts.

Here’s a table summarizing Matome Maupi’s educational milestones:

University College School
University of Witwatersrand National School of the Arts Local High School


Matome Maupi Networth

Matome Maupi’s illustrious career has not only garnered him fame but also substantial financial success. With a commendable net worth and an impressive annual salary, he has diversified his income sources beyond acting.

Let’s break down Matome Maupi’s financial status through a table:

Networth Annual Salary Source of Income
$5 million $800,000 Acting, Endorsements, Ventures


Matome Maupi Facts

Unveiling some intriguing facts about Matome Maupi that showcase the depth of his personality:

  • Matome Maupi is an advocate for mental health awareness.
  • He is an avid collector of vintage vinyl records.
  • Despite his on-screen intensity, Matome has a great sense of humor.
  • He actively supports various charitable causes in South Africa.
  • Matome’s favorite hobby is hiking in the scenic landscapes of his home country.
  • He started his acting career in local theater productions before transitioning to television.
  • Matome Maupi is fluent in multiple languages, showcasing his linguistic versatility.


Matome Maupi FAQs

Q: When did Matome Maupi start his acting career?

A: Matome Maupi began his acting journey in local theater productions in the early 2000s.


Q: How many languages does Matome Maupi speak?

A: Matome Maupi is fluent in several languages, showcasing his linguistic prowess.


Q: What is Matome Maupi’s favorite hobby?

A: Matome Maupi enjoys hiking in the scenic landscapes of South Africa during his leisure time.


Q: Is Matome Maupi involved in any charitable causes?

A: Yes, Matome Maupi actively supports various charitable causes, particularly focused on mental health awareness.


Q: How many children does Matome Maupi have?

A: Matome Maupi is a proud parent of two children, Thando and Khumo.


Q: What is Matome Maupi’s net worth?

A: Matome Maupi’s net worth is estimated at $5 million, thanks to his successful acting career and other ventures.


In Conclusion

Matome Maupi’s journey from a young aspiring actor to an accomplished figure in the entertainment industry is truly inspiring. His commitment to his craft, combined with a genuine passion for making a positive impact, has endeared him to fans worldwide.