YNW BSlime Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts

YNW BSlime Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts



YNW BSlime is Brandon King’s stage name. He is an accomplished American rapper, singer, and YouTube star who was born on April 10, 2007. His home town is Gifford, Florida. It doesn’t matter that he is only 13, he has already made a big difference in the music business. His big break came when people found his hit song “Hot Sauce” on YouTube. One of the most important people in his life in the music business is his famous bigger brother, YNW Melly.BSlime’s brother has helped him become a great artist by showing off his skills and putting him at the top of the art world. “YNW BSlime – Just Wait (Official Video),” one of his most important music videos, came out on September 18, 2020, and quickly got over 956 thousand views on YouTube in just a few days. This shows how popular he is becoming and how many people are watching him.Even though he is young, YNW BSlime has had problems, mostly with his brother YNW Melly, who is in trouble with the law and is being charged with first-degree double murder. As well as sharing his fear and support for his brother on social media, BSlime has also made posts that are very emotional. Even though he’s had problems, he’s still making a name for himself in the music business. This hasn’t stopped him from wanting to do it.


YNW BSlime Wiki

Let’s delve into the details of YNW BSlime’s life through a comprehensive wiki, breaking down key aspects:

Attribute Details
Name Brandon King
Age 13 years old
Occupation Rapper & Singer
Date of Birth April 10, 2007
Gender Male
Star Sign Aries
Ethnicity African-American
Country United States


YNW BSlime Measurements

Let’s take a look at YNW BSlime’s physical measurements:

Attribute Details
Height 5′ 2″ (158 cm)
Weight 48 Kg (105 lbs)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown


YNW BSlime Life

In a summary of YNW BSlime’s life, we find that he was born and raised in Gifford, Florida. Growing up under the guidance of his elder brother YNW Melly, BSlime’s family consists of his mother, Jamie Demons-King, his brother YNW Melly, and their only sisterRaised by their single mother, the family faced challenges, with Melly playing a crucial role in pulling them out of poverty. Though not biologically related, the bond between BSlime and Melly is strong, and their family history involves overcoming hardships.


YNW BSlime Education

Regarding education, YNW BSlime has attended middle school, but specific details about his academic journey, including the names of his schools, colleges, or universities, remain undisclosed.


YNW BSlime Net Worth

In terms of finances, YNW BSlime has accumulated a net worth of approximately $100,000 as of 2020. His earnings come from live shows, albums, and record sales. The young artist has also displayed his success through his possession of a BMW.

Details Amount
Net Worth $100,000
Annual Salary Not disclosed
Source of Income Live shows, Albums & records


YNW BSlime Facts

Here are seven interesting facts about YNW BSlime:

  • YNW BSlime was born on April 10, 2007, in Gifford, Florida.
  • He gained fame through his debut song “Hot Sauce,” which crossed 17 million views on YouTube.
  • BSlime’s stage name is derived from his initials, YNW, and his nickname, “Baby Slime.”
  • His music video “YNW BSlime – Just Wait (Official Video)” was released on September 18, 2020, and quickly garnered over 956K views.
  • BSlime’s musical debut was with a freestyle in 2018 at New Era Studios.
  • He expresses his concern and support for his brother YNW Melly, who is facing legal issues.
  • BSlime’s favorite color is red, and he enjoys playing video games.



Q: What is YNW BSlime’s real name?

A: YNW BSlime’s real name is Brandon King.


Q: How old is YNW BSlime?

A: As of 2020, YNW BSlime is 13 years old.


Q: What is YNW BSlime’s net worth?

A: YNW BSlime’s net worth is approximately $100,000 as of 2020.


Q: What is YNW BSlime’s favorite color?

A: YNW BSlime’s favorite color is red.


Q: Is YNW BSlime married?

A: No, YNW BSlime is currently unmarried.