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Aaron Haskell has become well-known in the public eye because he is dating the famous actress and singer Maymay Entrata. He is in the news because of his friendship with Entrata, even though some details about his personal life may not be very clear.


Aaron Haskell Wiki

Name Age Range Occupation Ethnicity Country
Aaron Haskell 24-27 Not Disclosed Canadian Canada


Aaron Haskell Measurements

Height Weight Hair Color Eye Color
Not disclosed Not disclosed Not disclosed Not disclosed


Aaron Haskell Life

Anyone who knows Maymay Entrata will know that Aaron Haskell is her boyfriend. He has now become an important part of her life. Many people are interested in him because of his connection to Entrata, even though many details about his life are kept secret. Living in Cagayan de Oro, which is in the province of Misamis Oriental, Maymay Entrata grew up. She was born in Camiguin and became famous after winning Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7.

Parent’s Name Spouse’s Name Children’s Name
Not disclosed Maymay Entrata Not disclosed


Aaron Haskell Education

Nobody outside of Aaron Haskell’s family knows anything about his schooling, so no one else can look up information about it. On the other hand, the fact that he works with Maymay Entrata shows that he has been in the movie business his whole life.

University College School
Not disclosed Not disclosed Not disclosed


Aaron Haskell Networth

Not a single piece of information about Aaron Haskell’s finances has ever been made public. This includes his annual income and net worth. A lot of people are interested in his lover, Maymay Entrata, who is said to be worth $21.91 million. It’s important to note that Haskell’s financial information has not yet been made public, even though these numbers are only predictions.

Net Worth Annual Salary Source of Income
Not disclosed Not disclosed Not disclosed


Aaron Haskell Facts

  • Aaron Haskell has maintained a low profile, with limited public information about his personal life.
  • He gained attention through his association with Maymay Entrata, a popular actress in the Philippines.
  • His age is estimated to be between 24 and 27 years, but specific details are not disclosed.
  • Maymay Entrata has spoken about her passion for arts, music, and social studies during her college years.
  • The couple, along with Maymay‚Äôs sister Laura, founded the ELM Tree Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering disadvantaged youth.
  • Maymay Entrata‚Äôs success in various endorsements and partnerships has added to her financial standing.
  • The specifics of Aaron Haskell‚Äôs career and personal endeavors are yet to be unveiled.


Aaron Haskell FAQs

Q: How did Aaron Haskell become known to the public?

A: Aaron Haskell gained recognition through his relationship with Maymay Entrata, a popular actress.


Q: Is there information about Aaron Haskell’s education?

A: Currently, there is no publicly available information regarding Aaron Haskell’s educational background.


Q: What is the net worth of Maymay Entrata?

A: Maymay Entrata’s estimated net worth is $21.91 million, but this is an estimation, and the exact figure may vary.


Q: How active is Aaron Haskell on social media?

A: Aaron Haskell has maintained a low profile on social media, with limited public presence.


Q: Are there any public endorsements or partnerships associated with Aaron Haskell?

A: As of now, there is no information about public endorsements or partnerships linked to Aaron Haskell.