Adam Calhoun Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts

Adam Calhoun Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts



Adam Calhoun is a famous performer, comedian, and rapper. As a big name on the internet, he has put out a lot of albums. The Bold, which he made with Tom MacDonald, came out in 2022 and quickly became his most popular album. Calhoun got his start in the music business by touring with country rap artist Hosier. Their single “Salute the Brave” reached No. 46 on the Hot Country Songs chart in 2017. That same year, they also put out an album called Made in America. Even though he stopped working with Hosier, “AmerAcal” came out in 2018. Later that year, his second album, The Throne, came out.

Adam Calhoun and his wife Tess Riolet Calhoun have been married since about 2016. Adam Calhoun’s wife, Tess Riolet, is happy with her marriage to him. They’ve been married for more than five years and have two kids, Theodore and Annabel. Over time, their love for each other grows stronger, and they enjoy their journey together. The couple is not said to be getting a divorce right now. Tess and Adam live in Frankfort, Illinois, USA.


Adam Calhoun Wiki

Name Adam Calhoun
Age Unknown
Occupation Performer, Comedian, Rapper
DOB Unknown
Gender Male
Star Sign Unknown
Ethnicity Unknown
Country USA


Adam Calhoun Measurements

Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Unknown


Adam Calhoun Life

Adam Calhoun’s life is based around his work as a rapper, performer, and comedian. He is married to Tess Riolet Calhoun and has two kids named Theodore and Annabel. Adam’s relationship with Tess is full of love and happiness, and the two of them live together happily in Frankfort, Illinois, USA.Parental Name: Not KnownName of spouse: Tess Riolet CalhounNames of children: Theodore and Annabel


Adam Calhoun Education

Not many people know where Adam Calhoun went to school. He has, however, worked hard to make a name for himself in the music business and is now known as a performer, comedian, and rapper.

University Unknown
College Unknown
School Unknown


Adam Calhoun Net Worth

Adam Calhoun has a net worth that comes from being a successful performer, comedian, and rapper. It is unknown how much he makes a year or how much he is worth, but he makes most of his money from working in the entertainment business.r.

Net Worth Unknown
Annual Salary Unknown
Source of Income Entertainment Industry


Adam Calhoun Facts

  • Adam Calhoun collaborated with Tom MacDonald on the album “The Bold,” which gained significant popularity in 2022.
  • He began his music career by touring with Hosier, a country rap artist.
  • Adam Calhoun has a strong presence on social media, where he shares insights into his personal and professional life.
  • He is known for his comedic skills and often incorporates humor into his performances.
  • Adam Calhoun is dedicated to his family and enjoys spending quality time with his wife and children.


Adam Calhoun FAQs


Who is Adam Calhoun’s wife?

Adam Calhoun’s wife is Tess Riolet Calhoun, with whom he has been happily married since around 2016.


How many children does Adam Calhoun have?

Adam Calhoun has two children, Theodore and Annabel, with his wife Tess Riolet Calhoun.


What is Adam Calhoun’s primary source of income?

Adam Calhoun earns primarily from his work in the entertainment industry as a performer, comedian, and rapper.


Where does Adam Calhoun reside?

Adam Calhoun resides in Frankfort, Illinois, USA, with his wife and children.


What is Adam Calhoun’s most popular album?

Adam Calhoun’s most popular album is “The Bold,” which he collaborated on with Tom MacDonald and gained significant popularity in 2022.