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Aiyyo Shraddha, a versatile Indian entertainer, RJ, content creator, and online entertainment sensation, gained fame through her roles in the web series ‘Kyaabre’ (2017), ‘Pushpavalli’ (2021), and the Bollywood film ‘Specialist G’ (2022). Known for her comedic content, she has amassed a massive fan following in the virtual entertainment space.

In April 2022, she ventured into the commercial world, appearing in promotions for Myntra, a renowned fashion company. Born as Shraddha Jain on October 25, 1990, in Mangalore, Karnataka, India, she currently resides in Bangalore, following the Hindu religion.


Aiyyo Shraddha Wiki

Name Age Occupation DOB Gender Star Sign Ethnicity Country
Aiyyo Shraddha 32 Entertainer/RJ 25 Oct 1990 Female Libra Indian India


Aiyyo Shraddha Measurements

Height Weight Hair Color Eye Color
5′ 7″ 55 kg Not specified Not specified


Aiyyo Shraddha Life

Aiyyo Shraddha was born into a Hindu family in Mangalore, Karnataka, India. Her early life and education details are not extensively known, but from a young age, she aspired to build a career in acting.

Initially, she pursued a career as a RJ, working with Fever 104 FM. Simultaneously, she started sharing short comedy videos on Instagram, quickly gaining popularity. In 2020, she launched her own YouTube channel dedicated to improv shows, garnering millions of views and subscribers.

She made her mark in the Amazon Prime Video series ‘Pushpavalli’ (2017) and Bollywood film ‘Specialist G’ (2022).

Parent Name Spouse Name Children Name
Not available Not married Not applicable


Aiyyo Shraddha Education

Details about Aiyyo Shraddha’s early education are not widely known. However, it is clear that she initially pursued a career as a RJ. Further details about her university, college, or school are currently unavailable.


Aiyyo Shraddha Net Worth

Aiyyo Shraddha’s recent net worth is estimated to be over 1 Crore Rupees. Her diverse income streams include acting, modeling, content creation, brand promotions, advertisements, and various online entertainment ventures.

As her dynamic career progresses, it is anticipated that her earnings will continue to rise.

Net Worth Annual Salary Source of Income
1 Crore Rupees Not available Acting, modeling, content creation, endorsements


Aiyyo Shraddha Facts

  • Shraddha Jain hails from Mangalore, Karnataka, India.
  • Her original name is Shraddha Jain.
  • She made her acting debut in the web series ‘Pushpavalli’ in 2017.
  • With a stunning and captivating appearance, Shraddha has garnered a substantial Instagram following.
  • An avid traveler, she has explored beautiful destinations such as Italy, London, and Paris.
  • Shraddha is an animal lover, particularly fond of dogs and cats.


Aiyyo Shraddha FAQs

Q: When was Aiyyo Shraddha born?

A: Aiyyo Shraddha was born on October 25, 1990.


Q: What is Aiyyo Shraddha’s height?

A: Aiyyo Shraddha’s height is approximately 5′ 7″.


Q: In which films or web series has Aiyyo Shraddha appeared?

A: She has appeared in ‘Pushpavalli’ (2017) and the Bollywood film ‘Specialist G’ (2022).


Q: What is Aiyyo Shraddha’s net worth?

A: Aiyyo Shraddha’s net worth is estimated to be over 1 Crore Rupees.


Q: Does Aiyyo Shraddha have any children?

A: No, Aiyyo Shraddha is not married and does not have any children.


Q: What is the source of Aiyyo Shraddha’s income?

A: Her income is derived from acting, modeling, content creation, endorsements, and various online ventures.


Q: Where does Aiyyo Shraddha currently reside?

A: She currently resides in Bangalore, India.


Q: What is Aiyyo Shraddha’s zodiac sign?

A: Aiyyo Shraddha’s zodiac sign is Libra.


Q: What is the title of one of Aiyyo Shraddha’s most-viewed YouTube videos?

A: One of her most-viewed YouTube videos is titled ‘Creative Oversmartness.’


Q: Which fashion company did Aiyyo Shraddha appear in promotions for in April 2022?

A: Aiyyo Shraddha appeared in promotions for Myntra, a popular fashion company.