Amanda Alvaro Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts

Amanda Alvaro Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts



Amanda Alvaro is a famous person who is known for being a writer, a speaker on politics, and the President and Co-Founder of Pomp and Circumstance. She was born on June 19, 1978, in the Greater Toronto Area in the Canadian province of Ontario. She is now a Canadian citizen. Mark Pavan, Amanda’s husband, owns and runs a small financial advice business called AC Financial Group. He is also the President of the company.


Amanda Alvaro Wiki

Let’s take a closer look at Amanda Alvaro’s background with a quick reference table:

Name Amanda Alvaro
Age Approximately 43 years (2022)
Occupation President, Co-Founder of Pomp and Circumstance; Writer; Political Commentator at CBC
DOB June 19, 1978
Gender Female
Star Sign Not Available
Ethnicity Not Available
Country Canada


Amanda Alvaro Measurements

Amanda maintains an impeccable physique, and here are her vital statistics in a tabular form:

Height 5ft 8in
Weight Not Available
Hair Color Not Available
Eye Color Not Available


Amanda Alvaro Life

Being great at work and having a happy, full family life make up Amanda’s life. To sum up her journey, here it is:

Amanda Alvaro and Mark Pavan have three children together: Asher, Vivi, and Elle. A woman named Amanda Alvaro cares a lot about her family. The cute family photos Amanda posts on Instagram make it clear that she has a close bond with her family. It shows in the luxurious life she and her husband live, which they have made

Here’s a table detailing her family life:

Parent Name Not Available
Spouse Name Mark Pavan
Children Name Asher, Vivi, Elle


Amanda Alvaro Education

Things Amanda has done and experienced during her school years:

Amanda Alvaro went to Humber College to get more education. There, she studied Post Secondary Public Relations, Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication. While she was there. She then got her degree in Law and Society/Communications from Western University, where she had studied before.

Let’s present this information in a tabular format:

University Western University
College Humber College
School Not Available


Amanda Alvaro Networth

There is a lot of speculation about Amanda Alvaro’s finances, even though her net worth is still being looked into. She may make a good pay because, in addition to being a political expert, she is also the President and Co-Founder of Pomp and Circumstance. As you can see from the many social media sites they use, she and her wealthy husband, Mark Pavan, live a fancy life even though they aren’t rich.

Now, let’s structure this information into a table:

Networth Under review
Annual Salary Not Available
Source of Income Pomp and Circumstance; CBC


Amanda Alvaro Facts

Let’s check out seven interesting facts about Amanda Alvaro:

  • Amanda is a co-founder of Pomp and Circumstance PR.
  • Her husband, Mark Pavan, is the current president of AC Financial Group.
  • Amanda is an active political commentator at CBC since March 2013.
  • She is a proud mother of three children: Asher, Vivi, and Elle.
  • Amanda’s educational background includes studies in Public Relations and Communications.
  • The family of five is often seen spending quality time together.
  • Despite not having a Wikipedia page, Amanda’s professional and personal details are covered by various online articles and news sources.


Amanda Alvaro FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions about Amanda Alvaro along with their brief answers:

Q: Is Amanda Alvaro married?

A: Yes, Amanda Alvaro is happily married to Mark Pavan.

Q: How many children does Amanda Alvaro have?

A: Amanda has three children: a son named Asher and twin daughters named Vivi and Elle.

Q: What is Amanda Alvaro’s occupation?

A: Amanda is the President and Co-Founder of Pomp and Circumstance, and she also works as a Political Commentator at CBC.

Q: Where was Amanda Alvaro born?

A: Amanda Alvaro was born in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada.

Q: What is Amanda Alvaro’s educational background?

A: Amanda studied Post Secondary PR, Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication at Humber College, and later graduated from Western University in Law and Society/Communications.

Q: What is Amanda Alvaro’s age?

A: Amanda Alvaro is approximately 43 years old as of 2022.

Q: Does Amanda Alvaro have a Wikipedia page?

A: As of now, Amanda Alvaro does not have a Wikipedia page, but her details are covered by various online articles and news sources.