Assaad Bouab Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts

Assaad Bouab Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts



A great actor named Assaad Bouab became famous for his role as Fabrice in the TV show “The Pursuit of Love,” which aired in 2021. It was 1980 when Bouab was born in the French town of Aurillac, which is in the town of Cantal. He has worked in theater and movies for more than 25 years, which shows how talented and versatile he is as an artist.


Assaad Bouab Wiki

Let’s dive into the details of Assaad Bouab’s life with a comprehensive table:

Category Details
Name Assaad Bouab
Age 41 years (2021)
Occupation Actor
DOB 1980
Gender Male
Star Sign [Star Sign]
Ethnicity French-Moroccan
Country France


Assaad Bouab Life

Alessaad Bouab’s life is not just what you see on film. She is his wife Sarah, and she is a therapist. They met on a shoot in Paris. They said their vows and moved to Rabat, Morocco, in 2014, where they now live with their daughter Ysa. Though they are well-known, that doesn’t stop them from protecting their privacy and keeping Ysa’s face hidden from the public.

Let’s delve deeper into Assaad Bouab’s life through a table:

Category Details
Parent Name [Parent Name]
Spouse Name Sarah
Children Name Ysa


Assaad Bouab Education

Assaad has built a strong base in theater over the course of his work. After finishing at the well-known French theater school Cours Florent, he went on to finish his schooling at the CNSAD in Paris in 2006. One of the most important movies his brother has been in is “The Unknown Saint” (2019). Another is “Zero” (2012). His brother also works in the theater business, which is interesting to know.

Explore Assaad Bouab’s educational journey through this table:

Category Details
University CNSAD, Paris
College [College]
School Cours Florent, France


Assaad Bouab Net Worth

The fact that Assaad Bouab has a successful career is a big part of his amazing net worth. That he gets paid so much every year shows how dedicated he is to his job. He has played many parts in movies and TV shows. Let me go over the details of the money:

Category Details
Net Worth [Net Worth]
Annual Salary [Annual Salary]
Source of Income Acting, endorsements


Assaad Bouab Facts

Uncover intriguing facts about Assaad Bouab:

  • Assaad started his filmography journey in 2002 with roles in Christopher Honore’s movies.
  • He embraces his French-Moroccan roots, evident in his diverse roles.
  • Assaad’s family boasts a creative background, with his sister being a marketing specialist and music manager.


Assaad Bouab FAQs

Q: When did Assaad Bouab start his acting career?

A: Assaad embarked on his acting journey in 1997, initially in theater.

Q: Where is Assaad Bouab’s birthplace?

A: He was born in Aurillac, Cantal, France.

Q: How many followers does Assaad Bouab have on Instagram?

A: Assaad has 60.4k followers on Instagram.

Q: What is Assaad Bouab’s wife’s profession?

A: Assaad’s wife, Sarah, is a psychologist.

Q: In which year did Assaad Bouab graduate from CNSAD in Paris?

A: Assaad completed his theatrics graduation in 2006.

Q: How long has Assaad been in the entertainment industry?

A: Assaad has dedicated over 25 years to the field, starting in 1997.

Q: What is Assaad Bouab’s daughter’s name?

A: The couple’s daughter is named Ysa.