Big Freedia Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts

Big Freedia Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts



A big name in the American hip-hop form called “bounce music” is Freddie Ross Jr., who goes by the stage name “Big Freedia.” The city where he was born, New Orleans, is a great place for this type of music to grow. A lot of people know Freedia for her important contributions to the music scene. She has helped spread bounce music from its underground roots in the mid-1990s to its present status as a highly regarded genre.


Big Freedia Wiki

A table set up like this will help us look at the most important parts of Big Freedia’s life:

Attribute Details
Name Freddie Ross Jr. (Big Freedia)
Age [Age]
Occupation Rapper
DOB [Date of Birth]
Gender Female
Star Sign [Star Sign]
Ethnicity African-American
Country United States

Big Freedia Measurements

Refer to the following table to learn more about Big Freedia’s physical traits:

Attribute Details
Height [Height]
Weight [Weight]
Hair Color [Hair Color]
Eye Color [Eye Color]

Big Freedia Life

It’s a beautiful story about love, talent, and sticking with something even when it gets hard. Some people use the terms she and her incorrectly, even though Freedia thinks of herself as a lesbian. In the year 2022, she is still seeing Devon, even though they have been married for fourteen years. Even though their path has been full of problems, including legal and personal ones, they have been able to get through it because they have never given up on each other. Use the following table to learn about Big Freedia’s family life in great detail:

Relationship Name
Parents [Parents’ Names]
Spouse Devon
Children [Children’s Names]

Big Freedia Education

While Big Freedia was in school, she learned things that affected her artistic path. In her early years, she was interested in singing. She was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. While she was at Walter L. Cohen High School, Freedia not only sang in the choir, but she also became the head of the whole group. Because of this important event, she became very sure of her ability to write and make music. Check out the following table to see how Big Freedia has learned over the years:

Institution Details
High School Walter L. Cohen High School
College/University [College/University Name]
School [School Name]

Big Freedia Net Worth

Reports say that Big Freedia has a net worth of $5 million, which shows how much of an effect she has had on the music world. The movies “Bingo Parlor Tent” and “Voodoo Experience,” both released in 2009, were her big break. Following this, she had a lot of success by working with other artists and putting out her own albums, like “Big Freedia Hitz Vol. 1,” which came out in 2010. Check out the table below to learn more about how much money Big Freedia makes:

Details Information
Net Worth $5 million
Annual Salary [Annual Salary]
Source of Income Rapper, Music Contributions

Big Freedia Facts

The following interesting facts are about Big Freedia:

  • The band Big Freedia made a big impact on the popularity of bounce music among many people.
  • Even though Big Freedia thinks of herself as gay, she is careful with her names and only uses she or her.
  • Her bond with Devon is still strong even though she’s had some problems with it.
  • Freedia got interested in music when she was young, listening to artists like Patti LaBelle and Michael Jackson.
  • This was the start of her musical path.
  • In the fifth season of “Big Freedia Bounces Back,” the couple overcame problems in their relationship.


Big Freedia FAQs


Q: Is Big Freedia still dating Devon in 2022?

A: Yes, Big Freedia is still in a relationship with Devon in 2022.


Q: How long have Big Freedia and Devon been married?

A: The couple will celebrate 14 years of marriage in 2020.


Q: What challenges did Big Freedia and Devon face in their relationship?

A: They navigated legal and personal concerns, including infidelity doubts, as depicted in ‘Big Freedia Bounces Back’ Season 5.


Q: Does Big Freedia have children?

A: No, Big Freedia does not have a daughter.


Q: Where was Big Freedia born?

A: Big Freedia was born in the Louisiana city of New Orleans.


Q: What is Big Freedia’s net worth?

A: Big Freedia’s net worth is reported to be $5 million.