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In the United States, Cindy Kaza is a famous and popular psychic medium and TV host.She was born in Plymouth, New Hampshire, USA, on November 22, 1981.

Her¬†journey¬†into¬†psychic¬†powers¬†began¬†to¬†fall¬†apart,¬†which¬†led¬†her¬†to¬†show¬†off¬†her¬†skills¬†in¬†a¬†number¬†of¬†TV¬†shows,¬†including¬†the¬†famous¬†‚ÄúThe¬†Holzer¬†Files.‚ÄĚ Cindy¬†went¬†to¬†Nashville¬†State¬†Community¬†College¬†and¬†Arthur¬†Findlay¬†College¬†to¬†get¬†her¬†schooling. Both¬†of¬†these¬†schools¬†are¬†part¬†of¬†her¬†educational¬†background.


Cindy Kaza Wiki

Name Age Occupation DOB Gender Star Sign Ethnicity Country
Cindy Kaza 40 Years Old Psychic Medium, Television Host November 22, 1981 Female Star Sign Not Known Ethnicity Not Known United States


Cindy Kaza Measurements

Height Weight Hair Color Eye Color
5 feet 6 inches Details Not Known Details Not Known Details Not Known


Cindy Kaza Life

Cindy¬†Kaza‚Äôs¬†life¬†shows¬†how¬†talented¬†she¬†is¬†as¬†both¬†a¬†psychic¬†medium¬†and¬†a¬†TV¬†host.During¬†her¬†work,¬†she¬†has¬†been¬†in¬†a¬†number¬†of¬†TV¬†shows,¬†such¬†as¬†‚ÄúThe¬†Holzer¬†Files‚Ä̬†and¬†‚ÄúLost¬†in¬†the¬†Wild.‚ÄĚ Besides¬†that,¬†she¬†has¬†worked¬†on¬†projects¬†like¬†‚ÄúPortals¬†to¬†Hell.‚ÄĚ

Cindy really wants to show off her skills, and she does this on her virtual entertainment accounts, where she posts pictures from her travels and job.

Parents Spouse Children
Details Not Known Rich Redmond (Divorced) Details Not Known


Cindy Kaza Education

Cindy Kaza got better at being a psychic while she was at Arthur Findlay College and Nashville State Community College. She got her degree from both of these schools.

University College School
Details Not Known Nashville State Community College, Arthur Findlay College Details Not Known


Cindy Kaza Networth

It’s not known how much Cindy Kaza is worth or where her money comes from.

She has,however, made a lot of money through her successful careers as a psychic medium and as a TV show.

Networth Annual Salary Source of Income
Details Not Known Details Not Known Psychic Mediumship, Television Hosting

Cindy Kaza Facts

  • Cindy Kaza gained recognition for her appearances in television series like ‚ÄúThe Holzer Files‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúLost in the Wild.‚ÄĚ
  • Her journey into realizing her psychic abilities led her to work on various projects, showcasing her talents.
  • Cindy‚Äôs social media accounts provide a glimpse into her virtual entertainment world.


Cindy Kaza FAQs

Q: What is Cindy Kaza’s age?

A: Cindy Kaza is 40 years old, born on November 22, 1981.


Q: What is Cindy Kaza’s occupation?

A: Cindy Kaza is a psychic medium and television host.


Q: Where was Cindy Kaza born? A: Cindy Kaza was born in Plymouth, New Hampshire, United States.


Q: Has Cindy Kaza been married? A: Yes, Cindy Kaza was previously married to Rich Redmond.


Q: What projects has Cindy Kaza worked on?

A: Cindy Kaza has appeared in television series such as ‚ÄúThe Holzer Files‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúLost in the Wild.‚ÄĚ


Q: Where did Cindy Kaza study?

A: Cindy Kaza pursued her education at Nashville State Community College and Arthur Findlay College.


Q: What is Cindy Kaza’s net worth? A: Cindy Kaza’s net worth is not publicly disclosed.


Q: What is Cindy Kaza’s star sign? A: Cindy Kaza’s star sign is not known.


Q: How tall is Cindy Kaza?

A: Cindy Kaza is approximately 5 feet 6 inches tall.


Q: What is Cindy Kaza’s ethnicity? A: Cindy Kaza’s ethnicity is not known.