DJ Fadelf – Mike Jackson Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts

DJ Fadelf – Mike Jackson Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts



His stage name is Mike Jackson, but DJ Fadelf is better known as the host of the HGTV shows “Flipping Virgins” and “Property Virgins.” He is a skilled artist with many skills. Born and raised in Hempstead, New York, DJ Fadelf is a famous DJ. Besides being successful as a professional DJ, he has also done well in real estate, contracting, writing, and giving money to good causes. He got married to Sherrod, who goes by the name Egypt and is the host of the HGTV show that was talked about, on September 11, 2010.


DJ Fadelf – Mike Jackson Wiki

Mike Jackson, who is better known as DJ Fadelf, is a skilled artist who has made a name for himself in a number of areas, showcasing his skills and dedication.The following table gives us a lot of information about the most important parts of DJ Fadelf – Mike Jackson’s life:

Name DJ Fadelf – Mike Jackson
Age [Age]
Occupation DJ, Real Estate Agent, Author
Gender Male
Star Sign [Star Sign]
Ethnicity American
Country United States


DJ Fadelf – Mike Jackson Measurements

We are sorry to say that we do not have any specific data for DJ Fadelf’s height, weight, eye color, or hair color. On the other hand, his impact goes beyond the way he looks.Based on DJ Fadelf – Mike Jackson’s charm, let us look at the physical traits that make him appealing:

Height [Height]
Weight [Weight]
Hair Color [Hair Color]
Eye Color [Eye Color]


DJ Fadelf – Mike Jackson Life

DJ Fadelf: Mike Jackson was born and raised in Hempstead, New York. During his work, he has become a famous figure in the entertainment world. He married Egypt, the woman he had been seeing for a long time, in 2010. The couple has made money by selling eleven homes. They are famous for both their love story and their successful real estate business. DJ Fadelf also says that Mike Jackson’s relationship with Egypt is the most important thing in his personal life. They have done a great job of finding a balance between their personal and work lives. Michael Jackson’s Instagram account, which goes by the name @djfadelf, gives a glimpse into his life by promoting his work with HGTV and happily calling himself a “girl dad.”


DJ Fadelf – Mike Jackson Education

The great path DJ Fadelf has taken in his career shows how dedicated and hardworking he was as he became a qualified contractor and businessman. Unfortunately, we don’t have all the details about DJ Fadelf’s education, but his work is going well.What Mike Jackson learned in school and how his career changed over time, as told by DJ Fadelf:

University [University Name]
College [College Name]
School [School Name]


DJ Fadelf – Mike Jackson Net Worth

The most current information says that DJ Fadelf – Mike Jackson’s total wealth has not yet been figured out. But a big chunk of his money comes from the many jobs he has as a DJ, a real estate agent, and an author.For a more in-depth look at the business side of DJ Fadelf – Mike Jackson’s amazing career,

Net Worth [Net Worth]
Annual Salary [Salary Details]
Source of Income DJ, Real Estate, Author


DJ Fadelf – Mike Jackson Facts

Here are seven interesting facts about DJ Fadelf, who is also known as Mike Jackson:

  • It is well known that DJ Fadelf goes by the name “The Versatile DJ Fadelf.”
  • So that they can show how good they are at the real estate market, he and Egypt have sold eleven homes.
  • Even though DJ Fadelf has had a lot of different jobs, he hasn’t lost touch with what he believes in. He keeps talking about how important it is to keep going, be humble, and be sure of yourself.
  • More than 31.3 thousand people follow him on Instagram (@djfadelf), and he loves being called a “girl dad.”
  • It was DJ Fadelf’s birthday on September 11, 2010, which was also the day they got married.
  • DJ Fadelf was born and raised in Hempstead, New York, but he now lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Hempstead is where she grew up.
  • Jackson Draper Renovations, his company, does design, building, and renovation work on homes. He gives money to the business.


DJ Fadelf – Mike Jackson FAQs


What is DJ Fadelf – Mike Jackson’s real name?

DJ Fadelf’s real name is Mike Jackson.


How many homes have DJ Fadelf and Egypt sold?

The couple has successfully sold 11 homes for profit.


Is DJ Fadelf a licensed contractor?

Yes, DJ Fadelf is a licensed contractor and businessman.


What is DJ Fadelf – Mike Jackson’s Instagram handle?

DJ Fadelf’s Instagram handle is @djfadelf, where he shares insights into his life and work.