Elizabeth Lambert Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts

Elizabeth Lambert Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts



Liz Lambert became famous as a woman who played soccer. She was known for being very angry during fights, which is how she got the name “Pigtail Girl.” Even though Lambert loved soccer from a very young age, her career took a sudden turn after an event that ended her famous adventure while she was playing soccer.


Elizabeth Lambert Wiki

It was while Elizabeth Lambert was a defender at the University of New Mexico that people started to pay attention to what she did on the field. This event changed her career forever.Let us show you some of the most important facts about Elizabeth Lambert with the help of a detailed table:

Name Elizabeth Lambert
Age [Age]
Occupation Former Soccer Player
Gender Female
Star Sign [Star Sign]
Ethnicity Caucasian
Country United States


Elizabeth Lambert Measurements

One thing that is unknown about Elizabeth Lambert is her height, weight, hair color, and eye color. However, her impact goes beyond these physical traits.Within this piece, we will look at the physical traits that make up Elizabeth Lambert’s personality:

Height [Height]
Weight [Weight]
Hair Color [Hair Color]
Eye Color [Eye Color]


Elizabeth Lambert Life

Not much is known about Elizabeth Lambert’s early life, like when she was born, where she was born, or who her parents were. We still don’t know much about her early life. However, everyone knows that she went to the University of New Mexico and became an important part of the women’s soccer team there. It all changed for Lambert on November 5, 2009, when he played Brigham Young University in the Mountain West Conference semifinals. Brigham Young University was the other team. Lambert was a very rough player who liked to punch and pull opponents by their hair, which is how she got the famous nickname “Pigtail Girl.” Even though she was only a student in college at the time, she did this. Because she was acting badly during the game, she got a yellow card, a video of her acting badly went online, and she became famous very quickly. When Lambert talked to the New York Times about her actions, she said she felt bad about them and that she had gone to help to deal with her problems with being aggressive.


Elizabeth Lambert Education

When Lambert chose to focus on soccer while she was at the University of New Mexico, it was a big turning point in her life. But the details of her college and school are not given out.Many of Elizabeth Lambert’s school years were spent at the University of New Mexico, where she was an important part of the women’s soccer team’s defense.

University University of New Mexico
College [College Name]
School [School Name]


Elizabeth Lambert Net Worth

What Elizabeth Lambert’s present net worth is and where she gets her money has not been made public. Lambert stopped being seen by the public when she was banned and told she couldn’t do any more soccer-related activities.Looking into the parts of Elizabeth Lambert’s life that have to do with her money:

Net Worth Not available
Annual Salary Not applicable
Source of Income Former Soccer Player, Current Status Unknown


Elizabeth Lambert Facts

We are going to find out seven interesting things about Elizabeth Lambert:

  • The name “Pigtail Girl” was given to Lambert because she was always acting mean when she played soccer.
  • Because of the poorly received game she played against Brigham Young University, she was banned and couldn’t do any sports.
  • In an interview with the New York Times, Lambert said she was sorry for what she did and admitted that it wasn’t like her at all.
  • At the time of the event, Lambert was getting help for her problems with violence.
  • She played soccer for the University of New Mexico in her last game as a college student. This match was the last time she would play the sport.
  • Lambert has kept a low image, so no one knows what her current romantic relationships are like.
  • While Lambert’s path caused some debate, it shows how hard it can be to deal with fame and shame in the sports world.


Elizabeth Lambert FAQs


Is Elizabeth Lambert still playing soccer?

No, Lambert was suspended and banned from all athletic activities, including soccer.


What led to Elizabeth Lambert’s notoriety as “Pigtail Girl”?

Lambert’s aggressive actions, including elbowing and pulling opponents’ hair, during a soccer match against Brigham Young University.


Did Elizabeth Lambert apologize for her behavior?

Yes, Lambert expressed remorse in an interview with the New York Times and sought therapy to address her aggression.


What is Elizabeth Lambert doing now?

After the soccer incident, Lambert retreated from the public eye, and her current activities remain undisclosed.


Is Elizabeth Lambert related to country singer Miranda Lambert?

No, Elizabeth Lambert and Miranda Lambert are not related, despite sharing the same last name.