Erin Perrine Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts

Erin Perrine Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts



Erin Perrine is a well-known figure in American politics who has made a name for herself by making important contributions. Erin has made a lot of progress in the field of political communication while working as the Principal Deputy Communications Director for former US President Donald Trump. Her image has been shown on popular TV networks like Fox and CNN. At the moment, she is Vice President at Tag Strategies, where she is in charge of the marketing and communications team.


Who is Erin Perrine?

Erin Margaret Callanan was born on July 22, 1988, in Rochester, New York, USA. Her stage name is Erin Perrine. Erin learned about politics from a very young age because she grew up in a conservative family. Because both of her parents were lawyers, Casey Callanan and Karen Smith Callanan, she learned a lot about the law and her civic duties. Erin was very involved in her grandfather’s political campaigns. She did things like march in local parades and help with campaign logistics.


Erin Perrine Wiki

Name Erin Margaret Callanan
Age 33 Years
Occupation Principal Deputy Communications Director
DOB July 22, 1988
Gender Female
Star Sign Cancer
Ethnicity Caucasian
Country United States


Erin Perrine Measurements

Height 5’ 6” (168 cm)
Weight 127 lbs (58 kg)
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue


Erin Perrine Life

Erin Perrine’s journey shows how strong and determined she is. Her three siblings, Megan Callanan Lasaponara, Christine “Chris” Hickey, and Eamon Eric Callanan, were also her childhood friends. Tragically, she lost her brother to an accident involving drugs when he was very young. Erin stayed focused on her goals despite these problems. She went to school at the University of Connecticut and got a bachelor’s degree there.

In her professional life, Erin started a very interesting path. She started out as an intern for UCONN Magazine and later moved on to work in political communication. She was the press secretary for Senator John Thune and then worked for Kevin McCarthy before starting her job in the Trump administration. In addition to her official duties, Erin contributed to political discourse by appearing on a number of TV shows to talk about politics and current events.

In her personal life, Erin met Nicholas Perrine and fell in love with him. They got married in 2016. They met on a political campaign and have been together ever since, making a life together in Virginia, USA.


Erin Perrine Education

The path Erin Perrine took to get her education set her up for a successful career. Although not much is known about her early education, she went to college at the University of Connecticut and improved her skills and learned useful things.


Erin Perrine Net Worth

Erin Perrine’s large net worth comes from the work she does for a living. With an estimated net worth of $3 to $5 million, she is a great example of how to work hard and not give up. Without a doubt, her job as Principal Deputy Communications Director has helped her make a lot of money.

Net Worth $3 – $5 Million
Annual Salary Undisclosed
Source of Income Political Communication


Erin Perrine Facts

  • Erin Perrine hails from a conservative background, shaping her political ideologies from an early age.
  • She shares a passion for sports, particularly horse riding, which she also taught during her time in Washington, D.C.
  • Erin is an avid supporter of the football team ‘The Buffalo Bills.’
  • Despite her professional engagements, Erin maintains a limited presence on social media, primarily active on Twitter.


Erin Perrine FAQs


Is Erin Perrine married?

Yes, Erin Perrine is married to Nicholas Perrine since July 2, 2016.


What is Erin Perrine’s net worth?

Erin Perrine’s net worth is estimated to be between $3 to $5 million.


Where was Erin Perrine born?

Erin Perrine was born in Rochester, New York, United States.


What is Erin Perrine’s educational background?

Erin Perrine attended the University of Connecticut, where she earned her bachelor’s degree.


What is Erin Perrine’s professional background?

Erin Perrine has served in various roles in political communication, including as the Principal Deputy Communications Director under former President Donald Trump.