Nandini Rajput Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts

Nandini Rajput Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts



The Indian dancer, model, and Instagram star Nandini Rajput is well-known. She is well-known thanks to her Instagram account, which has over 198K followers around the world. Nandini is one of the most well-known influencers because of how luxurious her life is. She has won a number of dance competitions, most notably the Max Kids Festival 2018 and the Danzstation event, where she came in second place.


Nandini Rajput Wiki

Name Nandini Rajput
DOB 9th October 2013
Age 8 years old
Gender Female
Star Sign Scorpio
Ethnicity British
Country India
Occupation Dancer, Model
Birthplace Sussex, England


Nandini Rajput Measurements

Height 122 cm
Weight 22 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown


Nandini Rajput Life

Nandini Rajput is from Sussex, England, and is now going to Bright Day School, Amit Nagar to learn. Her goal is to be a great performer on stage and get to the top of her class. Nearly 198,000 people follow Nandini on Instagram, and modeling agencies are interested in her unique style and sense of fashion.


Nandini Rajput Education

Nandini Rajput is learning at Bright Day School in Amit Nagar right now. Details about further education are not given.


Nandini Rajput Net Worth

It’s not clear how much money Nandini Rajput has. She works with different influencers and endorses different brands, which helps her make money.


Nandini Rajput Facts

  • Nandini Rajput is highly popular for her modeling videos and photos on Instagram.
  • She frequently shares videos from her dance contests on social media.
  • Nandini has a huge following on Instagram, where she shares her stunning looks, charming smile, and great personality.
  • She has been invited to various talk shows and television programs.
  • Nandini is a fashion enthusiast and her Instagram is filled with selfies showcasing her style.


Nandini Rajput FAQs


How old is Nandini Rajput?

Nandini Rajput is 8 years old, born on 9th October 2013.


What is Nandini Rajput’s occupation?

Nandini Rajput is a dancer and model.


Where was Nandini Rajput born?

Nandini Rajput was born in Sussex, England.


What is Nandini Rajput’s star sign?

Nandini Rajput’s star sign is Scorpio.


What is Nandini Rajput’s Instagram handle?

Nandini Rajput’s Instagram handle is iam_nandinirajput.