Neil Spooner Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts

Neil Spooner Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts



Neil Spooner has been a big deal in the world of carp fishing since 2007. In part because of his work with Korda, he has become a well-known person. The first job he had was at a gear shop. The next was as a car salesperson. Finally, he found his niche in the fishing business, which was where he felt most comfortable. He is getting a lot of attention these days because of what he has done for the sport, like being a co-host on the popular ITV4 show Monster Carp.


Neil Spooner Wiki

Attribute Description
Name Neil Spooner
Age 38 years
Occupation Sales Manager
DOB Not disclosed
Gender Male
Star Sign Not disclosed
Ethnicity Essex
Country United Kingdom


Neil Spooner Life

Neil has been able to balance his job as a Sales Manager at Korda with his love of fishing over the years. He spends all of his time and energy fishing. In spite of having a very busy schedule, he finds time to go fishing, and he often plans overnight trips to the seas where he likes to fish. He can make a good living as a fisherman. The fact that he is willing to do that shows how much he loves fishing, which is also shown by the fact that he wants to keep his fishing skills and his link to the sea.


Neil Spooner Education

That Neil has a lot of actual knowledge and skill in carp fishing speaks volumes about how dedicated he is to the sport, even though there isn’t a lot of information about his academic background.


Neil Spooner Net Worth

Neil hasn’t told the public what his real net worth is, but it’s thought to be in the thousands of dollars. He makes a good living as sales manager at Korda, and he also owns a number of other fishing-related businesses. These kinds of businesses are called fishing companies.

Attribute Value
Net Worth Estimated
Annual Salary Not disclosed
Source of Income Korda Sales Manager


Neil Spooner Facts

  • Neil started his career in a tackle shop before joining Korda in 2007.
  • He is a co-host of the popular ITV4 show Monster Carp.
  • Despite his busy schedule, Neil prioritizes his passion for fishing.
  • He is a proud father of three children.
  • Neil shares his fishing adventures and expertise on Instagram.
  • His dedication to the sport has made him a respected figure in the angling community.
  • Neil’s hometown is Colchester.


Neil Spooner FAQs

Q: What is Neil Spooner’s occupation?

A: Neil is a Sales Manager at Korda.

Q: How many children does Neil Spooner have?

A: Neil has three children: Connor, Emily, and Freddie.

Q: Where is Neil Spooner from?

A: Neil hails from Colchester, United Kingdom.

Q: What is Neil Spooner’s age?

A: Neil is currently 38 years old.

Q: What is Neil Spooner’s Instagram handle?

A: Neil can be found on Instagram as @neilspoons.

Q: What is Neil Spooner’s claim to fame in the fishing industry?

A: Neil gained recognition through his work with Korda and as a co-host of Monster Carp.

Q: How does Neil balance his fishing passion with his career?

A: Neil carefully schedules his fishing trips around his work commitments to ensure he can indulge in his passion for angling.