Ohmyveenus Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts

Ohmyveenus Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts



Ohmyveenus, whose real name is Johnmar Villaluna, is a famous Filipino e-sports player who is 27 years old and known for being good at many things in the game Bang. He is part of the Blacklist International team right now. The 31st Southeast Asian Games, which he played in for the Philippines in May, marked the start of his career in e-sports in the area. A lot of people paid attention to him because of this event.


Ohmyveenus Wiki

Attribute Details
Name Johnmar Villaluna
Age 27
Occupation Esports Player
DOB July 20, 1994
Gender Male
Star Sign Cancer
Ethnicity Filipino
Country Philippines


Ohmyveenus Life

In the world of e-sports, Ohmyveenus has had an interesting journey, starting from humble beginnings and ending as a star player for Blacklist International. Even though he’s had problems, like issues, he’s kept his cool and is now using his fame to push for LGBTQ+ people to be able to play e-sports.


Ohmyveenus Education

Although there isn’t a lot of information available about Ohmyveenus’s school background, he has shown his dedication to e-sports and love for the game right from the start of his career.


Ohmyveenus Networth

Earnings from events, partnerships, and sponsorships have all made Ohmyveenus’ net worth grow significantly. He is very wealthy in large part because of his success in e-sports. While the exact numbers may be different, his projected net worth shows how much he is worth as one of the most powerful people in the business.


Ohmyveenus Facts

  • Ohmyveenus, also known as OhMyV33nus, has garnered a substantial following on social media platforms, particularly Instagram, where he engages with fans and shares insights into his gaming journey.
  • His participation in international tournaments, including the M3 World Championship, has solidified his reputation as a formidable player in the esports community.
  • Ohmyveenus’ advocacy for LGBTQ+ representation in esports reflects his commitment to fostering inclusivity and diversity within the gaming industry.
  • Despite facing adversity, Ohmyveenus remains resilient, using his platform to inspire aspiring esports enthusiasts and promote a positive gaming culture.
  • His partnership with Blacklist International has been instrumental in elevating his career and amplifying his influence within the esports community.
  • Ohmyveenus’ journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of esports, showcasing the immense talent and dedication of players from diverse backgrounds.
  • As he continues to make strides in his career, Ohmyveenus remains focused on honing his skills and making meaningful contributions to the esports landscape.


Ohmyveenus FAQs

Q: When did Ohmyveenus start his esports career?

A: Ohmyveenus began his esports journey on August 3, 2019, when he signed with ONIC Philippines.

Q: What team does Ohmyveenus currently represent?

A: Ohmyveenus is currently a player for Blacklist International, a prominent esports organization in Southeast Asia.

Q: Has Ohmyveenus won any international tournaments?

A: Yes, Ohmyveenus has secured victories in various international competitions, including the prestigious M3 World Championship.

Q: What is Ohmyveenus’ stance on LGBTQ+ representation in esports?

A: Ohmyveenus advocates for LGBTQ+ inclusion in esports and uses his platform to support individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Q: How can fans connect with Ohmyveenus on social media?

A: Fans can follow Ohmyveenus on Instagram under the handle @ohmy.v33nus to stay updated on his gaming endeavors and personal insights.

Q: What challenges has Ohmyveenus faced in his esports career?

A: Ohmyveenus has encountered challenges, including controversies and discrimination, but he remains resilient in pursuing his passion for gaming.

Q: What is Ohmyveenus’ ultimate goal in the esports industry?

A: Ohmyveenus aims to continue excelling in his esports career while advocating for inclusivity and diversity within the gaming community.