Rajdeep Kullar Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts

Rajdeep Kullar Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts



Rajdeep Kullar, also known as Rajdeep Kaur, is a prominent figure in the realm of online entertainment. With a staggering 351k followers on her Instagram account and over 100k subscribers on her YouTube channel, she has solidified her position as a popular virtual entertainer, particularly on YouTube and Instagram. Hailing from Delhi, India, she has made significant waves in the world of social media and entertainment.


Rajdeep Kullar Wiki

Attribute Details
Full Name Rajdeep Kullar
Nick Name Rajdeep Kaur
Profession Instagram Star, Dancer, Actor, Model, Social Media Influencer
Height 5.6 Feet
Weight 55 Kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Date of Birth May 10, 1997
Age 27 Years (2024)
Birth Place Delhi, India
Home Town Delhi, India
Religion Hindu
Nationality Indian


Rajdeep Kullar Measurements

Measurement Details
Height 5.6 Feet
Weight 55 Kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown


Rajdeep Kullar Life

Rajdeep Kullar’s life has been a journey of creativity and influence. She has captivated audiences with her vlogs and travel videos on her YouTube channel, showcasing her dynamic personality and zest for life. While details about her family remain undisclosed, her impact as an entertainer speaks volumes.


Rajdeep Kullar Education

Rajdeep Kullar’s educational background is not extensively documented. However, she is known to be a graduate, indicating a commitment to both her academic and creative pursuits.

Education Details
University Not Known
College Not Known
School Not Known


Rajdeep Kullar Net Worth

Rajdeep Kullar has amassed considerable wealth through her endeavors in the world of virtual entertainment. While specific figures remain private, her net worth is substantial, bolstered by endorsements, brand collaborations, and her flourishing social media presence.

Details Amount (Approx.)
Net Worth Confidential
Annual Salary Confidential
Source of Income Social Media, Endorsements, Entertainment Ventures


Rajdeep Kullar Facts

  • Rajdeep Kullar is a multi-talented personality, excelling in fields such as modeling, acting, and makeup artistry.
  • She boasts a massive following on Instagram, indicating her widespread popularity.
  • Despite her fame, Rajdeep Kullar remains grounded, often sharing snippets of her daily life with her audience.
  • Her versatility as an entertainer has garnered her widespread acclaim within and beyond India.
  • Rajdeep Kullar’s birthday falls on May 10, 1997, marking the beginning of her journey into the world of entertainment.
  • She is known for her passion for acting, choreography, and traveling, which she often integrates into her content.
  • Rajdeep Kullar’s influence extends far beyond her virtual presence, inspiring countless individuals worldwide.


Rajdeep Kullar FAQs

Where was Rajdeep Kullar born?

Rajdeep Kullar was born in Delhi, India.


What is Rajdeep Kullar’s profession?

Rajdeep Kullar is a versatile entertainer, excelling in various fields such as acting, modeling, and social media influencing.


How old is Rajdeep Kullar?

As of 2024, Rajdeep Kullar is 27 years old.


What are Rajdeep Kullar’s hobbies?

Rajdeep Kullar enjoys acting, choreography, and traveling in her free time.


Is Rajdeep Kullar married?

No, Rajdeep Kullar’s marital status remains undisclosed.