Sonja Spruill Day Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts

Sonja Spruill Day Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts



The terrible murder case of Sonja Spruill Day, who lived in Plymouth, North Carolina, is still something that people in the town feel bad about. Sonja Day was born on an unknown date, but her terribly short life ended on September 26, 1994, when she was found brutally murdered in her own home.


Sonja Day Wiki

Category Details
Name Sonja Spruill Day
Age 33 Years (At the time of her death)
Occupation Clerk at a nearby grocery store
DOB N/A (Date of Birth not disclosed)
Gender Female
Star Sign N/A (Star Sign not disclosed)
Ethnicity N/A
Country United States


Sonja Day Measurements

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Height N/A
Weight N/A
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color N/A


Sonja Day Life

Sonja Day lived in an apartment on the second floor of 110G Sawmill Circle in Plymouth, North Carolina. She was a loving mother to her two children. People said she was kind and hardworking, and she worked as a cashier at a nearby food store to support her family.

terribly and terribly tragically, Sonja’s life was cut short in a horrible way on September 26, 1994. Her 11-year-old son and two of his friends found her dead body in their house. She was found on the bed with an electrical wire around her neck and chest. She had been stabbed several times. She had also been stabbed several times. Even though it’s been over thirty years, the person who killed her is still on the loose, and the case has not been closed.

Parent Name Spouse Name Children Name
N/A N/A Two children


Sonja Day Education

The reference piece that was given doesn’t talk about Sonja Day’s school experience. Still, her unshakable devotion to her children and determination to provide for them show how strong her sense of duty is and how well she can deal with hardship.

University College School


Sonja Day Networth

Sonja Day spent most of her time taking care of her family and living a simple life, so not much is known about how much she is worth. That she died too soon and no one has been charged with the murder is a sad reminder of how valuable life is and how terrible violent acts are for families and communities.

Networth Annual Salary Source of Income
N/A (Not applicable) N/A (Not applicable) Clerk at a grocery store


Sonja Day Facts

  • Sonja Day’s murder remains one of North Carolina’s most perplexing and unsettling cases, leaving the community grappling with unanswered questions for nearly three decades.
  • Despite extensive investigation efforts, the perpetrator responsible for Sonja Day’s brutal murder has never been apprehended, and the case remains open.
  • Sonja Day’s tragic death serves as a sobering reminder of the prevalence of violent crimes and the importance of ongoing efforts to seek justice for victims and their families.
  • The unresolved nature of Sonja Day’s murder continues to weigh heavily on the minds of residents in Plymouth, North Carolina, as they await closure and justice for her untimely demise.
  • While there have been no recent updates regarding the status of the investigation into Sonja Day’s murder, the community remains hopeful that answers will eventually be found, bringing peace to her loved ones and closure to the case.


Sonja Day FAQs


Was Sonja Day married at the time of her death?

Details about Sonja Day’s marital status are not provided in the reference article.


How was Sonja Day discovered after her murder?

Sonja Day’s lifeless body was discovered by her 11-year-old son and two of his schoolmates in their home.


Has there been any progress in solving Sonja Day’s murder case?

Despite extensive investigation efforts, the case remains unsolved, and the perpetrator has not been identified.


What was Sonja Day’s occupation?

Sonja Day worked as a clerk at a nearby grocery store in Plymouth, North Carolina.


What impact has Sonja Day’s murder had on the community?

Sonja Day’s murder has left a lasting impact on the community, raising awareness about the prevalence of violent crimes and the importance of seeking justice for victims and their families.