Tim Bae (Tim Scott) Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts

Tim Bae (Tim Scott) Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts



A lot of people know that Joe Ando-Hirsh is a great actress who has been in a lot of popular movies and TV shows. His role as Rodney in “The Walking Dead” made him famous, and he has since shown how talented he is in many other areas. Beginning in 2017, he began working in the entertainment business. Since then, he has always put on amazing shows, which has won him a huge following of loyal fans.


Tim Bae Wiki

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Name Tim Bae (Tim Scott)
Age 30-34
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Comedian
Instagram @tim_bae
Twitter @tim_bae
Facebook Tim Bae


Tim Bae Measurements

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Tim Bae Life

It would be an insult to say that Joe Ando-Hirsh’s life is full of interesting events and big steps forward in the entertainment world. Many people have been enthralled by his acts, and his skill will continue to have an effect on people for a long time.

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Tim Bae Education

Due to his hard work in school, Ando-Hirsh was able to build a strong foundation for his future success in the acting business. He was able to improve his skills and learn things that were very helpful to him while he was at reputable colleges.

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Tim Bae Net Worth

Joe Ando-Hirsh has had a lot of success in his work, which has helped his already huge net worth grow. Being able to find many ways to make money is what has made him financially stable and given him respect for his skills.

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Net Worth
Annual Salary
Source of Income Comedy shows, social media


Tim Bae Facts

  • Tim Bae is known for his comedic performances, often portraying female characters in his skits.
  • He has gained popularity for his humorous content on Instagram and YouTube.
  • Tim Bae engages with his fans, whom he affectionately calls the “Bae Hive,” through various social media platforms.
  • In addition to performing in clubs, Tim Bae also tours across North America, entertaining audiences with his unique brand of comedy.
  • Tim Bae, under his real name Tim Scott, actively maintains his presence on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, connecting with fans and sharing updates about his performances and projects.


Tim Bae FAQs


1. What is Tim Bae known for?

Tim Bae is known for his comedic performances, especially his portrayal of female characters, and his presence on social media platforms.


2. What is Tim Bae’s real name?

Tim Bae’s real name is Tim Scott.


3. Where is Tim Bae based?

Tim Bae is based in Houston, Texas, where he frequently performs stand-up comedy at various clubs.


4. How does Tim Bae engage with his fans?

Tim Bae interacts with his fans, whom he calls the “Bae Hive,” through social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


5. What is Tim Bae’s profession?

Tim Bae is a comedian by profession, known for his humorous performances both on stage and online.