Tim Henson Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts

Tim Henson Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height & Facts




American guitarist Tim Henson, who goes by the stage name W6RST, is a key part of the metal band Polyphia. Born and raised in Texas, Tim started playing music when he was young because he loved the guitar so much. Taking music lessons and practicing the guitar with the help of his parents became his main goal. Tim started making a living as a singer when he was 19. He helped start Polyphia in 2010.


Tim Henson Wiki

Explore key details of Tim Henson’s life in the following table:

Name Tim Henson
Age Not Disclosed
Occupation Guitarist
DOB Not Disclosed
Gender Male
Star Sign Not Disclosed
Ethnicity American
Country United States


Tim Henson Life

Tim Henson has worked hard all his life and is always getting better. Tim’s work as a guitarist began with Polyphia, a band whose music was a mix of metal and Djent. They played a lot of different styles. Besides being in Polyphia, he also tries out solo performances on his YouTube account, which has 791K subscribers, which is a pretty big following.

In addition to his musical work, Tim puts a lot of emphasis on personal growth and going to live shows to build his resume. In conversations, he has been honest about how hard it is for metal bands to make money, which results in them often playing solo.


Tim Henson’s Sweetheart Minoudoll: A Powerhouse Duo

The two people in question, Tim Henson and Minoudoll, are very active and innovative. Since they started dating around 2019, they’ve shared hobbies, worked together on projects, and said in public that they love each other.

Minoudoll, whose real name is Gigi Angelica Marie, is more than just Tim’s girlfriend; she has many other roles she can play. Gigi is from the Caribbean, especially Puerto Rico, and works as a model and cosplay artist. In her Instagram bio, it says that she is 153 cm tall and has been a vegetarian for more than six years.

As part of her unique style, Gigi likes to dress up like a cute doll, usually by wearing pink-themed makeup and clothes. In addition to her fashion choices, Gigi has said she loves animals very much and is very happy to have a dog as a pet. In the world of endorsements, she has worked with names like Bbo Beauty for false eyelashes and “ttdeye” for contact lenses.

Tim and Gigi keep their personal life pretty quiet, but their relationship is often praised on social media. Gigi’s Instagram posts show the couple enjoying special events, traveling, and showing glimpses of their daily lives. Tim surprised Gigi with a Tesla for her birthday, and they just moved into a new home in Dallas, Texas. These events show how much they love each other.


Tim Henson and Minoudoll Relationship Highlights

The fact that Tim Henson and Minoudoll are still together shows how strong their relationship is. Since making their relationship official on social media in 2019, the two have been through happy times, times of growth, and times of excitement together. In particular, Gigi posts a lot of pictures of their life together, which gives fans a look into their journey.

The couple reached a big milestone last year when they moved into their new home in Dallas, Texas. They thanked all of their friends and family who had helped them. Surprises like the Tesla gift Tim gave Gigi for her birthday show how thoughtful he is in their relationship. The couple also likes to travel. For example, recent Instagram posts show pictures from their trip to Paris.

This year, when Halloween came around, Tim and Gigi dressed up as angels, complete with handmade wings. This showed how loving and playful they are with each other.


Tim Henson FAQs


What is Tim Henson’s age?

Tim Henson’s age is not publicly disclosed.


When did Tim Henson start his music career?

Tim Henson began his musical career at the age of 19 and co-founded Polyphia in 2010.


Who is Minoudoll, and what is her real name?

Minoudoll, also known as Gigi Angelica Marie, is Tim Henson’s girlfriend. She is a cosplay artist and model.


Where is Gigi from, and what is her background?

Gigi hails from the Caribbean, specifically Puerto Rico. She identifies herself as a Caribbean princess.