Summer House Finale: Carl and Lindsay Break Up – How It Happened

Summer House Finale: Carl and Lindsay Break Up – How It Happened



The breakup between Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard was finally shown in the season 8 finale of Summer House. The episode, which was shown on Thursday, May 30, portrayed all the emotional moments of their breakup.


The Final Party

The episode began with Lindsay, who is 37 years old, and Carl, who is 39 years old, having an argument at their friends’ summer party. Carl claimed that Lindsay was always portraying herself as the victim and showed a lack of concern for his feelings. Lindsay mentioned that she asked questions about his career in order to gain a better understanding of him. She explained to her friend Danielle that she was really tired from all the effort she put into helping Carl.

Carl’s Accusations Lindsay’s Responses
Playing the victim Asking questions to understand
Not caring about his feelings Exhausted from supporting him

After the argument, they decided to join their friends in Montauk but Lindsay made a remark about not wanting to drive with Carl, which everyone noticed.



Signs of Trouble

The season in the Hamptons ended on August 27, 2023. After three days, cameras captured Carl having a conversation with Kyle Cooke in New York. Carl confessed that he was struggling to understand his relationship with Lindsay. He mentioned that they hadn’t been physically close for three weeks and were facing significant problems in their communication.

Carl shared that Lindsay’s unwillingness to change how she comforts him hit him hard. He mentioned a fight in January 2023 where Lindsay threw her engagement ring at him, something he couldn’t get over.


The Final Conversation

Carl went back to their shared apartment to talk with Lindsay. Lindsay said she didn’t want to fight and tried to understand Carl’s needs. Carl said he felt anxious and overwhelmed about his career and felt controlled by Lindsay.

Lindsay’s Points Carl’s Points
Trying to understand Carl Feeling controlled
Didn’t want to fight Overwhelmed and anxious

Carl said dating Lindsay was like living in two different worlds. Lindsay asked for grace, but Carl insisted he felt controlled and unhappy. He accused Lindsay of wanting him to relapse so she could control him more. He said their fights were not normal, and he wasn’t ready to get married.


Breakup and Aftermath

Lindsay accused Carl of quitting, but Carl said their relationship wasn’t working. After ending the relationship, Lindsay called her dad, crying about Carl’s decision to call off the wedding. Carl told the cameras that Lindsay would act blindsided and make people feel sorry for her.


Reactions and Moving Forward

The news of their breakup was revealed to the public 48 hours later. The majority of the girls in the cast noticed about it through the media, except for Amanda Batula, who was informed by her husband Kyle. Danielle was also contacted right before the news was announced.

According to Paige DeSorbo, ending the relationship was actually beneficial for both of them. Amanda observed that Carl likely faced a difficult decision. When Lindsay met with the girls, she was very upset and expressed her confusion and sadness over what had occurred.

Girls’ Reactions Lindsay’s Feelings
Carl did a favor Heartbroken and confused
It was hard for Carl Loved Carl deeply

The episode ended with Lindsay deciding to still go to Mexico for a girls’ trip since the hotel rooms were already paid for. The guys’ reactions were not shown.



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