Johnny Garvin Weir Age, Wiki, Biography, Body Measurement, Parents, Family, Salary, Net worth

           Johnny Weir is a digital skater. The most famous television critic and fashion designer in the United States. He is most famous for being a three-time American national champion, two-time Olympic champion and two-time Grand Prix bronze medalist. In addition, he is openly gay. Previously, he married Viktor Voronov at … Read more

Jeffree Star Biography, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Dating, Partner, Engaged, Gender

           effrey Lynn Steiger (Jeffrey Lynn Steiger), better known by his stage name Jeffrey Starr, is a professional makeup artist, musician and entrepreneur. The reason for his fame is due to his sexy personality. His unusual and gender-specific appearance is also the owner and founder of the cosmetics company Jeffrey Star … Read more

Jeffree Star Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Dating, Partner, Engaged, Gender

           Jeffrey Lynn Stinger, better known as Jeffrey Star, is a professional makeup artist, musician, and entrepreneur. He is known for his provocative personality. Manifestations of crime and sexual harassment is also the owner and founder of the cosmetic company Jeffrey Star Cosmetics. Jeffree also has more than 8.7 million followers … Read more

Hyuna (Singer) Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Career, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Family, Facts

           Kim Hyuno, known to millions as Hyuna, is a Korean singer who received the popularity for her 2010 debut single “Shiftand “‘s her EP “Bubble Pop!”. Over the next five years. Sometimes, individuals who are popular for A-ing afterwards earn the designation for themselves. She has numerous talents in many … Read more