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           Sorry, Edom is charming, disturbing, and provocative, and she has been frequently asked about her infectious and energetic character. She has appeared on “This Morning”, “Good Morning Britain”, “Jeremy Vine”, Channel 5, BBC, Sky and CNN on ITV. Affua Adom is a London native and eminent keynote speaker. Its activities … Read more

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           Chuck Gedica is a 61-year-old American speaker, writer, and broadcaster, often referred to as a former native meteorologist. Journey Strong’s founder, Chuck Gaedica, was born on August 2, 1958. Jerry’s parents and father, Charlie Gaedica, live in Chicago. Huck is 61 years old and lost his parents last year. Chuck … Read more

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           Elaine Trebek Kares, alias Elaine Callei, is a well-known broadcaster and businesswoman from the United States. She is also a painter who has to do a lot of art galleries. She is Alex Trebek’s ex-wife and the mother of a beautiful daughter called Nicky Trebek. Elaine has been interested in … Read more